Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Bad?

Air purifiers are becoming a must-have item in several homes, particularly those concerned with sustaining a healthy indoor environment. It is due to the systems’ potential to eradicate odors, pollutants, and other hazardous airborne components in confined areas. Despite becoming such functional systems, air purifiers do have a few drawbacks. The smell of a cleaner … Read more

Can You Vacuum Air Cleaner Filters?

Air cleaner filters are generally spotted near the home’s heating, ventilation, and conditioning system. An air cleaner filtration could become congested and dirty over a period apparently, particularly during high seasons or if you do have living creatures. If you do not examine, wipe down, and soon replace your air filters, you will notice a decrease … Read more

What is the best location to put an air purifier?

Air pollution has been related to respiratory illnesses and possibly cancer for a long time. Researchers discovered that when the air quality is poor, people are more likely to suffer from mental health issues such as sadness, anxiety, and higher suicide rates. To deal with air pollution and its problem, installing air purifiers at home … Read more

How Can Smokers Clean Their Lungs

When people start smoking at a young age, it is seen that they often face a lot of problems. Though they start smoking to look cool, this becomes their dirty habit as time goes on. They find it tough to quit smoking. Due to this, they start suffering from many health-related diseases such as lung … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Work For Covid

so let’s find out whether Air Purifiers Work For Covid ? COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on many people, causing them to lose their jobs and lives. Covid-19 has forced people to wear masks and take all the measures to protect and save themselves and others from facing any health-related issue that can cause … Read more

Can You Open Windows With An Air Purifier

Today having an air purifier has become the most important thing for residential property owners. You will also find that the commercial ones are also not leaving any stone unturned to provide a safe and healthy working environment to their workers. Most of them are also purchasing branded and good-quality air purifiers and installing them … Read more

How Air Purifier Prevents Breathing Problems

One of the major causes people have to suffer from breathing problems is air pollutants. You might be trying hard to provide a safe and healthy living atmosphere for your family, but getting a great result is impossible. After all, you can’t leave all the household work to clean the space. So, if you are … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Good For COPD

Whether you or someone in your family is suffering from health-related issues or not, it is essential to keep the living area neat and clean. As a family member, it is your responsibility to see that your loved ones are not facing any problems such as shortness of breath. Some people also think that an … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Helps In Shortness Of Breath

Earlier, people used to think that having an air purifier would help them get fresh air. Though they were not wrong, this was just one benefit that they were aware of having an air purifier at home. Today professional doctors recommend people who are suffering from asthma, heart, or lung problems install an air purifier … Read more

Do air purifiers improve oxygen?

Air purifiers help to enhance the performance of indoor air. Some people prefer a decent amount of oxygen in their houses, and they also wonder if purifiers generate oxygen. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.Read the article until the end to better clarify air purifiers and oxygen levels. Can … Read more