Do air purifiers make you sick?

The popularity of air purifiers has been increasing rapidly in recent years despite them not being a new technology. This isn’t surprising given the increase in worldwide air pollution.However, it has resulted in a great deal of customer misunderstanding regarding how air purifiers function. People often ask, ‘Will an air purifier make me sick?”. They … Read more

Does an air purifier help with smell?

You would be tirelessly pushed to discover a house that doesn’t have its particular fragrance, but many such odors are unpleasant and sometimes even humiliating. These odors are distinguishable, particularly pungent cooking odors, animal dander, and dank molding odors. If you wish to clean and refresh the air while eliminating bad smells, you must invest … Read more

Can an air purifier clean more than one room?

Your home’s rooms are used in various manners, and they all have distinct pollutants that necessitate different air purification methodologies. What exactly is the number of air purifiers required for clean air? How many cleaners should I have in each room, or should I improve air quality? Don’t worry, as we will guide you through … Read more

Are air purifiers good for Covid?

According to research, correctly wearing a mask and continuously applying better social distancing could substantially stop the coronavirus (COVID-19) prevalence via droplet transmission. However, issues regarding aerosol transmitting have also prompted numerous people to consider air purifiers. So, what are various types of air purifiers? Are most of them applicable against COVID-19?  Which air purifiers … Read more

Does the air purifier cool the Room?

No, the air purifiers do not cool down the room they don’t come with this type of function. this is the short answer to your question. Now let’s dive into more details about the air purifiers for cooling the room. What are Air purifiers for? The primary function of the air purifier is to filter … Read more

Do air purifiers increase ventilation?

we know that ventilation in our homes is essential for healthy life right? What can you do for good ventilation and do air purifiers help you to increase the ventilation in your home? let’s check out in the next few minutes if air purifiers increase ventilation. Improving ventilation can help you to avoid the virus … Read more

How to choose an air purifier for allergies  

Allergies can be a real pain, and they make you sneeze, wheeze, and feel like your head is stuffed full of cotton all the time. If you don’t get your allergies under control, they can wreak havoc on your life. Coughing, headaches, and congestion can make you miserable. Untreated allergies can also lead to many … Read more

What are HEPA and carbon filters? Easy explanation

HEPA and Carbon Filter What is a HEPA filter? HIgh-efficiency particulate air (Filter) is a pleated mechanical air filter, with the core part of the air filter HEPA cleans dangerous particles from the air which are tiny and very small, including 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other micro airborne particle size of 0.3 … Read more

How Do Air Purifiers Detect Air Quality? The Complete Guide

If you are the owner of an air purifier or plan to get one, you will notice that quite a few of them can detect air quality in real-time. This air quality detection feature can be found in many middle & high-end air purifiers, sometimes even in cheaper ones. How do air purifiers detect air … Read more

Electrostatic vs Ionic Air Purifier | What Is The Difference?

The air purifying world comes with many confusions and questions, one of them being the difference between electrostatic vs. ionic air purifiers. These are two of the less known types of air purifiers that many people usually mix up or confuse with each other. So in this post, I will go through both of these … Read more