Do Air Purifiers Work With the Window Open?

It is a common misconception that you can’t use an air purifier with windows open. The truth of the matter, though advocates suggest against it due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature levels between day-to-, night-and morning hours when natural breeze usually cools down your home or office space significantly less than what one would expect based on their location; however there are some who say this doesn’t affect performance since devices themselves have been designed specifically for various kinds environments (elevated floors). So Let’s find out Do Air Purifiers Work With the Window Open

Can I open my air purifier and let it vent outside?

how do Air Purifiers Work With the Window Open

In fact, you should decide whether to do this depending on what type of indoor pollutants there are as well as which filter is in your particular model.

Air Purifiers Work With the Window Open- Notes

1. When you’re purifying the haze, it’s best not to open the window.

PM2.5 is the most prevalent component of smog. Scientists did experiments during a time when there were many high smog outbreaks. The data from the experiments showed that the indoor content of PM2.5 was only 50%~60% of the outdoor content, even without air purifiers. Even if you don’t have an air purifier, you should close your windows in case of smog.

Air purifiers use HEPA filters to clean smog. Laboratory data show that high-efficiency HEPA filters can remove more than 99% of PM2.5. So, when it’s smoggy outside, the best way to keep your indoor air clean is to close the doors and windows and turn on the air purifier. But you should also open the windows every 2-3 hours to let in some fresh air and reduce the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide.

2. To purify formaldehyde, windows must be opened.

Formaldehyde is a common pollutant in homes. It can be slowly released for more than ten years. Formaldehyde has been internationally certified as a carcinogen. You need to open the window when using an air purifier because most air purifiers don’t work very well in getting rid of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is found in many things, and it’s hard to get rid of. Only activated carbon and negative ion air purifiers can really remove it from the air.

3. Activated carbon filter element for a gas purifier

There are three main types of air purifier technology today: activated carbon, negative ions, and NCCO. Activated carbon has been around for nearly a hundred years. It is commonly used to absorb odors and is found in refrigerators to deodorize and purify the air.

Air Purifiers’ Most Efficacious When Windows Are Closed Obvious

It is obvious that purifiers work best when the windows are closed. Real-world tests have shown that keeping doors and windows closed keeps particulate pollution levels at 50% of the level of outdoor air.

But the more practical question is, if I have to keep a window open for some other reason, will running a purifier still work? Will it have a meaningful effect? Some people need to keep windows open because of the chemicals in their homes or offices like VOCs and formaldehyde. Others need to open windows to get rid of CO2. New studies show that COVID-19 spread is reduced drastically when both filtration and ventilation are used together.

The Test: Air Purifier vs. Open Window

Is it possible to have it both ways? steven from the ionizerhub team put this question to the test by conducting an air purifier in our 12m2 Beijing test lab with the window open and shut six times.

When outside air is hazardous, the impact of having your window open on indoor air pollution levels will be more apparent. steven chose two days when outdoor air pollution was bad for his tests. During these two days, Beijing’s AQI averaged 239 and 290 according to the US Embassy.

To maintain the baseline level of pollution constant throughout the tests, steven opened the window to allow fresh air in.. He then turned on the Cannon air purifier on high for 20 minutes. He did three tests with the windows open and three tests with the window closed.

results of air purification with windows open?

The Cannon air purifier had different results when the window was open or closed. With the window closed, the Cannon air purifier reduced particulate by an average of 90% after 20 minutes. With the window open, the Cannon air purifier managed a 60% reduction.

The data shows that it is better to close the windows when you are running your air purifier. This is not a surprise. it’s not mentioned anywhere that air purifiers work with the window open

Window open closed air purifier effective pollution

However, the more interesting part is that even with the windows open, it is possible to reduce indoor particulate by turning on an air purifier.

By leaving the window open and turning on the air purifier, levels of pollution dropped by 60% in 20 minutes.

What Is an Air Purifier and How Does It Work?

The most effective technique to utilize an air purifier while the window is open is to get a purifier with a larger coverage than your space. We do this in the Smart Air office by utilizing the super-powered Smart Air Blast, which cleans up to 130m2. It’s cleaning up in Beijing while the window is open here.

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