Levoit Air Purifier Red Light- How to fix, Why it shows?

Your Levoit air purifier is trying to tell you something when it flashes red – and understanding what that message could be will help put your mind at ease. Red has two distinct meanings in this instance, so read on for a helpful breakdown of each case!

What about Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Ring

Has your Levoit air purifier been displaying a red ring?

If so, it’s likely because there is an indoor pollutant in the air. Take action today by utilizing this powerful device to create cleaner and healthier breathing spaces! it’s part of the Levoit air purifier maintenance only

When Auto mode is on, the fan should be active at a high speed until the ring color changes from red to either green or blue – which denotes Good and Very Good air quality respectively.

Not only does a Levoit air purifier successfully capture pollutants, but it will then automatically shift to lower speeds once the job is done.

You can also forgo the Auto mode and manually switch to the highest speed setting for a few hours. After heavy-duty air purifying, you’ll know that it’s done when the red circle changes its hue to blue.

Levoit provides the following codes for you to comprehend the corresponding colors of red, yellow, green, and blue:

Red Bad Air Quality

Yellow Medium Air Quality

Green Good Air Quality

Blue Very Good Air Quality

Best Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Button

If your Levoit air purifier’s light is glowing red and it has nothing to do with the quality of the air, then you need to change its HEPA filter. To learn more about how often you have to swap out your Levoit filter, read my blog article here. Shop Levoit filters

Change the filter in your Levoit device with ease by following these steps (this guide is suitable for Core series purifiers such as Levoit 300, but you can also apply it to any

Follow Above Steps

  1. Turn off your air purifier.
  2. Please Turn the air purifier off
  3. Remove your air filter by removing the filter cover
  4. Unlock the potential of your Levoit true HEPA filter by installing it in the housing. I highly recommend you only use genuine Levoit air filters for optimal results, as 3rd-party replacements may be incompatible or not fit inside properly. Obtain these premium-quality filters from our official website here today!
  5. Now place the filter cover back inside the air purifier.
  6. Now plug it in and turn it on.

Having trouble with your Levoit air purifier’s red light not turning off after its filter replacement? No worries – resetting the button is easy! Simply press it for three seconds and voila, you’re done. For more information on how to fully optimize your device experience, take a look at “How To Reset Levoit Air Filter?”.

Congratulations! If you followed the steps correctly, your Levoit air purifier should be ready for use – simply check to make sure that the red light has been turned off. Enjoy cleaner and healthier air with ease!

Here’s How to Reset the Levoit Air Purifier Red Light?

Air Purifier Red Light

Don’t Panic or stress when the red light shows up it’s showing which means that you need to replace the filter, You just have to reset this light once you have changed the filter by following the above steps

To reset the red light, press down and keep your finger on the filter reset indicator button for a minimum of 3-5 seconds.

in case this won’t work, try the same method to reset the indicator, it is recommended that now you disconnect the device from power while keeping its cord plugged into the wall.

It is essential to note that some Levoit air purifiers necessitate one to reset their indicators when the device is powered off.

Furthermore, some of the latest Levoit air purifiers require users to reset their indicator using a smart app

Reset Levoit red light with Vesync app


First of all open the app and make sure that it’s the air purifier is connected to your smart app using smartphone or tablet.

step 2

Now select the right air purifier from the Devices section.

Step 3

Now you are connected to your device go into the options and tap on settings menu.

Step 4

in the setting you can see the option of “Reset Filter Indicator” and click on it.

step 5

The confirmation message will pop up now to confirm the reset. Procced with yes

Now the filter indicator light on your air purifier will reset.

Common Reasons for this Red light indicator?

Excessive Debris 

To ensure smooth operation, the filter must be placed correctly and without any obstructions in its compartment. However, a build-up of lint or debris can also lead to complications – so it’s important to take steps toward regular cleaning maintenance!

Take out the filter, and clear away any superfluous junk from the compartment. This should be enough to make your Levoit air purifier run perfectly with maximum results from its filters.

How do I turn off the red light on my levoit?

To turn off the red light on your Levoit air purifier, press and hold the “Sleep Mode” button for 3-5 seconds until the light turns off. If the light persists, try resetting the device by unplugging it for a few minutes, then plugging it back in.