Nuwave Oxypure vs Rabbit Air Review – Best for 2024

The rising concentrations of pollutants found in the air have led to an increase in the demand for air purifiers that can be used inside the home. This level is expected to rise by 15% in the next several years, which is bad news for your health and your house’s architecture. Compared to the rest of the globe, indoor pollution is substantially higher. As a result, selecting the best air purifier for our location becomes even more critical. Nuwave Oxypure vs Rabbit Air is a good battle for this situation so let’s dive in deep

Indoor air can be contaminated and full of allergy-inducing particles like pollen and dust, and the best way to clean it is with an air purifier. Pet dander, mold spores, ragweed, and other allergens are all reduced or eliminated as a result of their use. An air purifier in your house can remove any pollen, pet dander, or dust from the air that may cause an allergic reaction in you or your family members. This will help soothe your allergies and reduce the number of airborne pollutants.

Certain criteria must be considered before selecting the best home air purifier. These criteria include the area and time duration that depicts the efficiency of the purifier, the speed of the fan, protection against major groups like VOCs, odor, viruses, bacteria, etc., filtration process, maintenance cost, and washability, replaceable parts, technologies and designing, purchase price, and customer service. Based on these features, we have shortlisted two air purifiers that fit most of the demanded conditions. 

Nuwave Oxypure

Nuwave Oxypure vs Rabbit Air



  • Color: Gray
  • Product Dimensions: 14″D x 14″W x 26″H
  • Item Weight:26.8 Pounds
  • Control Method: App
  • Wattage:

The filtration process is the same for both air purifiers but differs in some specific features. The CADR rating of Nuwave Oxypure air purifiers is very high which means that they can purify a larger area of your home in a minimum time. Thus, showcasing its high efficiency by purifying air quality of approximately 800 square feet. 

How does Nuwave Oxypure filter air? 

This air purifier system has 5-layer filtration protection which includes a bio-guard and an ozone remover as well. These two extra layers need not be changed for at least 20 years. At floor level, the air is drawn in by vents on all four sides of the unit. This air is then forced upwards through a series of four filters before being expelled through a vent on the top of the device. Pet dander, germs, viruses, and mold can be removed with an electrostatic filter0

A HEPA/carbon combination filter can catch gases and volatile organic compounds. A stainless-steel pre-filter captures big particles, such as a pet dander. Its ozone filter destroys ozone (VOCs). The combination of HEPA filters and carbon filters lasts for 12 months and is washable. Therefore, it becomes easy to clean the filters at home. 

The certificates from the Energy Protection Agency, as well as California Air Review Board, boast about the quality of the air purifier. The reusable stainless steel pre-filter which traps larger air-borne pollutants also has a lifetime of approximately 20 years. 

Design Specifications:

  • With the dimensions of 14 x 14 x 26 inches, this air purifier weighs approximately 37 pounds. 
  • The system is independent of battery usage.
  • The control panel also has a night mode which offers you silent and peaceful sleep throughout the period.
  • The device is highly efficient for large areas.
  • The layers of filters included in the system not only trap the unwanted particles but also work to kill them and remove even the micro-level debris.
  • The air inflow can be from all four directions which means you can place the device anywhere in the room.
  • The automatic mode switches on the system when the air quality is low and remains inactive when not needed.

Rabbit Air Purifier

Nuwave Oxypure vs Rabbit Air



  • Color: Germ Defense
  • Product Dimensions: 22.83 x 22.68 x 10.08 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎23.9 Pounds
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Wattage: 61.00

If you suffer from breathing problems, the Rabbit air purifier will help you breathe easier and feel better overall. One of the six filters in this purifier is a HEPA filter, while the other is a charcoal-based activated carbon filter; both of these filtration systems are well-rated. In addition, you may select from four filters that target germs, pet dander, and odors, allowing you to focus on the most significant sources of your symptoms in a more targeted manner.

This is a cheaper option for medium-sized rooms. Moreover, the filters last longer for this type of air purifier. This brand offers two models which are BioGS 2.0 and MinusA2 which have further submodels to satisfy customers’ needs.

The MinusA2 model comes under a higher range and better quality air purifiers. It has 3 submodels – 700a, 788, and 780n based on the area that they are capable of purifying. 788 model also offers a Wi-Fi feature which is lacking in 780n. 

Layers of Filtration

  • The first stage is a pre-filter that removes the larger debris, pollen, hair, and other unwanted pollutants.
  • Next, the system contains a medium filter and a HEPA filter to trap the smaller particles.
  • The customized filter is eligible to remove germs, toxins, allergens, as well as odors. 
  • An activated carbon filter can remove even the microparticles.
  • The ion generator can be switched on or off depending on the requirement or the air quality.
  • There is also a brushless direct motor installed in the system.

The filters are washable and can be easily removed for maintenance. There is also a particle sensor on the side. There is a mobile app that can control the modes of the system. Moreover, the users get a remote as well that can control the features on the control panel which is in front of the device. Thus, making the device handy. With the dimensions of 7 x 21.4 x 20.25 inches, Rabbit Air MinusA2 provides clean and secure air around you.

Nuwave Oxypure vs Rabbit Air Comparison

FeatureNuwave OxypureRabbit Air
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
CADR Rate346 for dust, 369 for pollen262 for dust, 315 for pollen
Pricing HigherCheaper options for smaller rooms
Additional filtersYesNo
Dimensions14 x 14 x 26 inches7 x 21.4 x 20.25 inches
Warranty5 Years5 Years
Ozone filterYesNo
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