Rabbit Air MinusA2 Review

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 purifier is the perfect solution for your home. Its sleek design, efficiency, and smart features make it an easy-to-use product that you can trust to keep all of those germs away from entering every nook in between!

With a six-stage purification system, the Rabbit air cleaner is able to remove particulates in your home and provide you with a cleaner living space. This means that it can connect wirelessly via wifi so as not to require constant maintenance on its own devices or power outlets nearby- perfect for those who spend most of their time indoors! We found this particular model’s performance was truly exceptional during our tests when we reduced PM2.5 levels by 98% compared to what they were before installation.


rabbit air manusaA2



  • Color: Germ Defense
  • Product Dimensions: 22.83 x 22.68 x 10.08 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎23.9Pounds
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Wattage: 61.00

The Rabbit air purifier is both functionally advanced and pleasing to the eye.

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 has a lot of moving parts. With 6 stages of purification (5 filters + 1 ionizer) working together to clean the air, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a busy machine. We’ll be focusing on the SPA-780N variant for this review.

The front panel on the Rabbit air purifier can be customized with a design from the Rabbit Air artist series. The design shown in our pictures is the Cherry Blossom. Users may choose from nine distinct front panel designs, giving this air purifier a more attractive appearance. The Rabbit Air also provides its basic design, which is an all-white front panel if you don’t want a customized panel.

As you move across the air purifier, you will see a number of different buttons that you can use to control the unit. I think these buttons are well-labelled and easy to use from the perspective of a user. Controlling the Rabbit air purifier is simple with its interface design.

Another cool feature about the Rabbit air purifier is that you can mount it on your wall. It has a slim profile so it won’t take up a lot of space, and you can choose a customized panel that will make it look like a piece of art.

The Rabit air purifier is of average size. It has a sleek design which makes it less visible as a purifier and more like a decoration in your home.


The SPA-780N version of the MinusA2 air purifier is smarter because it can be controlled wirelessly through an app on your phone. The other versions of the air purifier (SPA-700A and SPA-780A) do not have this same functionality.

You can use the app to adjust everything you can do on the control panel of the device. You can also turn off the LEDs on the control panel with the app. But, if your MinusA2 is not the SPA-780N, you cannot turn off the LEDs on the physical control panel. Only the SPA-780N has this option.

Many popular and well-rated air purifiers do not have the ability to turn off the control panel LEDs. For example, both the Winix 5500-2 and Coway Mighty do not let you turn off their LEDs.

The MinusA2 does not do extremely well but it is not the worst either. It is one of the heaviest air purifiers that we tested. However, it is still easy to carry because it only weighs 18 lb. 14 oz. For comparison, the Winix 5500-2 weighs 16 lb. 9 oz and the Coway Mighty weighs 12 lb. 9 oz. The MinusA2 is carried using a single handle on the top back of the machine.

This air purifier is wider than most other air purifiers, but it is not as tall. It has a square design, unlike other air purifiers which have a rectangular design.


Rabbit Air MinusA2

Particle Filter

A true HEPA filter on the MinusA2 captures and eliminates particles (mold, allergens, dust) from the air it processes.

This is the same sort of particle filter that you’d find in air purifiers costing less money. The $150 Winix 5500-2, for example, has a HEPA particle filter (HEPA). The $200 Coway Mighty has the same type of particle filter (HEPA). Even the budget-priced $80 GermGuardian AC4825 has the same type of particle filter (HEPA).

Why don’t air purifiers that cost twice as much have the same type of filter? Because it works and works effectively.

A HEPA filter has a rating of 99.97%. This means that the filter can capture up to 99.97% of all the particles that flow through it. This is a very high-efficiency rating when compared to other filters. In fact, the air filter in your home’s HVAC system is likely only efficient up to 90%.

Many budget air purifiers do not come with a HEPA filter. The GermGuardian is an exception to this, but there are other units in its price range that come with a HEPA filter. Almost all air purifiers over $100 come with a HEPA filter. This is because a HEPA filter is effective in removing most particles from the air. Even some of the more expensive models, like the IQAir HealthPro Plus, come with a HEPA filter.

So, why would you ever pay around $600 for the MinusA2 if it uses the same type of particle filter and therefore the same quality of particle filtration as much cheaper options? We’ll continue answering that question as we continue through this review.

Gas Filter

The MinusA2 has an activated carbon filter to help get rid of unwanted gases, like VOCs and odors. This type of filter uses pellets to get the job done.

Carbon filters come in two varieties

  • Carbon fiber is used to coat a fibrous material, which may provide additional strength and resist oxidation.
  • A plastic honeycomb frame containing carbon pellets is used to adsorb odors.

MinusA2’s carbon filter is more effective than the fibrous type for filtering out gases. It has a greater surface area for adsorbing gas molecules.

You can order the Minus A2 with four distinct customizable filters:

  • Germ defense
  • Pet allergy
  • Toxin absorber
  • Odor remover

We selected the odor remover when we bought our test unit. This filter turned out to be nothing more than an extra carbon filter. But instead of the pellet-based type, it was the fibrous type.

The most common type of carbon filter found in budget air purifiers is the fibrous type. An example of this is the GermGuardian AC4825. If you want to spend more and get a better air purifier, you will mostly find the same type of filter, except for the Winix 5500-2 which comes with a pellet-based carbon filter. Another exception is the Coway Mighty which comes with a fibrous carbon filter like the MinusA2.

When it comes to carbon filters, the most popular choice is pellets. This is the kind of carbon filter found in the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 and Coway AirMega air purifiers. Even the approximately $900 IQAir HealthPro Plus features a carbon-based filter. The quantity of carbon in their filters is the only distinction between them. The BioGS 2.0 and the MinusA2 both have about the same amount of carbon. The AirMega units have about twice as much carbon as the BioGS 2.0 and MinusA2 (because they have two filters). The IQAir has about five times as much carbon as the other air purifiers. All of these air purifiers filter gases better than units equipped with fibrous carbon-coated gas filters.

The MinusA2 can be a good choice if you want a gas filter. It comes with a pellet-based carbon filter. If you choose the odor remover as your customizable filter, it will also remove gases, but not as well as the primary gas filter.

Do both of these gas filters work well together? No. Gas filtration is all about the quality of the carbon (pellet vs coated fiber) but also the quantity of the carbon. The IQAir and Coway have the same quality of carbon filters with greater quantity. Thus, they are better options for gas filtration. However, that is not to say that the MinusA2 won’t filter gases well. It certainly will do a sufficient job for most applications.


The MinusA2 has a mesh pre-filter to remove larger particles. The pre-filters job is to make the life of the other filters longer. This includes two different filters: the medium and HEPA filters.

The large particles clog up the pre-filter instead of the other two filters. This means that you can clean the pre-filter without having to replace the other filters as often and it will save you money.

The MinusA2’s pre-filter is the same as the mesh pre-filter on cheaper units like the BioGS 2.0, Coway Mighty, or even Winix 5500-2. It’s a mesh design that can be washed.

Budget air purifiers do not have a washable filter, therefore they cannot be cleaned. The GermGuardian AC4825 uses a fibrous carbon filter like a pre-filter. The fibres of the carbon filter, in addition to capturing gases (via the carbon coating), also catch large particles. On these units, the carbon filter has to be replaced at cost when it becomes full of large particles.

Air performance

The MinusA2 was able to reduce the number of particles in a room from 10,000 per cubic ft. (a relatively dirty environment) to 1,000 particles per cubic ft. (a very clean environment) in 13 minutes.

In just 13 minutes, the MinusA2 cuts down on room particles by a factor of 10. This means you can breathe easier in your home with less dirt flying around! This outcome was both expected and unexpected. The unit’s output of 210 CFM is about the same as other units with a HEPA filter. But we found that the unit with the greater output was slightly faster. For example, the Winix 5500-2 with 250 CFM of output took only 9 minutes. The Coway Mighty, also with 250 CFM of output took 10 minutes.

Unit A with a lower output took longer to clean than Unit B. For example, the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 with approx. 190 CFM of output took 15 minutes. The GermGuardian AC4825 (approx. 140 CFM) with a much lower output took 23 minutes.

The MinusA2 took about 15 minutes to clean the air, which is about how long you would expect it to take compared to other air purifiers with different levels of output. Given the MinusA2’s additional filter, this result is surprising. It includes a separate medium filter sandwiched between its pre-filter and HEPA filter and a configurable filter between the HEPA and carbon filters.

The customizable filter does not affect particle filtration. It only affects gas filtration. But the medium filter should, at least theoretically, have had some type of impact on the particle test because it is supposed to remove particles greater than 1 micron in size. Rabbit Air claims that this is what their filter does. Regardless, in practice, it didn’t appear to enhance the filtration rate, According to our testing, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The second stage of our particle test consisted of allowing the air purifier to run for as long as it took for it to achieve a room particle concentration as low as possible. We tested most devices, including this Rabbit Air, that had an ultra-low concentration of just 100 particles per cubic foot (a concentration close to 0 with our testing equipment and Air movement.

It would take an additional 38 minutes beyond the original 15 minutes to reach this level if we adjusted the power. As a result, it took 15 minutes to reach 1,000 particles per cubic foot, and an additional 38 minutes to get to 100 particles per cubic foot.

The Winix 5500-2 and Coway Mighty were faster than expected (due to their greater output). The Winix took only an additional 6 minutes and the Coway an additional 13 minutes to get from 1,000 down to 100 particles per cubic ft.


The MinusA2 was measured at 67.1 dB when its fan was on the highest speed. This is a good level of noise for a purifier. The Winix 5500-2 was measured at 67.5 dB and the Coway Mighty was measured at 66.1 dB.

All three of these appliances were measured to make very low noise. 40 dB is about the same as a whisper. This means that you will not be disturbed by any of these appliances if you have them on low fan speed.


The MinusA2 is a very well-made air purifier. It also has high-quality parts. A brushless motor drives the fan. This means that the fan speed increases and decreases slowly when adjusting settings. Most other air purifiers do not have a brushless fan motor and change fan speed quickly, which reduces the longevity of the fan motor.

A 5-year warranty is included with the MinusA2.. So, if any of its parts break during that time, you’re covered. Most other air purifiers on the market offer shorter warranties. The Coway Mighty offers a three-year warranty, whereas the Winix 5500-2 only has a one-year warranty.

If you are looking for a great air purifier that is very durable and reliable, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 would be a great choice.

Energy efficiency

The MinusA2 is one of the most energy-efficient air purifiers we tested, as it produces more fresh air than other machines at a fraction of the cost… At maximum fan speed, it draws only 56.7 watts of power for a CFM/watt ratio of 3.58. For comparison, most budget air purifiers have a CFM/watt ratio in the 2 to 3 range on their highest fan speed. The higher the ratio, the more energy efficient the air purifier is, so the 3.58 ratio of the MinusA2 is definitely better than the 2 to 3 ratio of most budget air purifiers on the market.

The Winix 5500-2 and Coway Mighty are similar in terms of their ratios. The Winix has a 4.55 ratio and the Coway has a 3.43 ratio. They both use more power than the MinusA2, but they also have a greater output which is why they have better ratios than the MinusA2.

The Winix, Coway, and Rabbit Air are more energy-efficient on lower fan speeds. The Winix has a ratio close to 12, the Coway a ratio close to 20, and the MinusA2 has a ratio close to 8. This is because they use less power while still providing good air output.

When the fan is turned on to its lowest setting, the MinusA2 consumes 6.1 watts of electricity. The Winix and Coway both use less than 10 watts of power and still have airflow between 40 and 60 CFM.

This machine cannot completely lower the particle concentration in a small room, but it can get close. You should run the machine at a high speed to get the particle concentration low. This will help the machine run more efficiently.

Price & Value

The MinusA2 is a more expensive air purifier that we tested. It costs around $620. We have been comparing it to two other top-rated air purifiers, the Winix 5500-2 and Coway Mighty. Both the Winix and Coway usually retail for under $200.

Another thing to consider is the cost of replacement filters. Rabbit Air’s filters are more expensive, costing upwards of $90 to $100. Replacement filter sets for the Winix and Coway, on the other hand, run somewhere in the $40 to $60 range. The Winix and Coway offer very similar filtration quality, but the Winix is less expensive.

There are a few reasons you might want to buy Rabbit Air.

  • One reason is that it is a sleek and stylish air purifier. Another reason is that it has better aesthetics than most other air purifiers.
  • The MinusA2 is the only air purifier on the market, as far as I’m aware, that comes with a wall-mount kit.
  • The MinusA2 is one of the few options available at any price point that can provide a high output (CFM) air purifier with smart functionality.
  • The MinusA2 is an excellent air purifier with the strong build quality and 5a -year guarantee. It’s one of the most durable and long-lasting air cleaners on the market.
  • If you think that the theoretical improvement in filtration quality that comes from adding a medium filter and a customizable filter to the standard set of filters (pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter) that come with most other air purifiers is important, then you should buy an air purifier with more filters. We did not notice a tangible improvement during testing, but theoretically, more filters should result in better filtration quality.

User Experience 

We found that most people who have reviewed the MinusA2 air purifier gave it 5 stars. We also found that on Amazon, many people said good things about the design and how quiet it is. People with allergies said it helped them a lot. However, some people said that there wasn’t much of a change in the airflow when they turned it up to a medium or large room, and also that the replacement filters are expensive.

Pros & cons

  • More filters – more particles/gases on the first pass-through
  • In terms of energy efficiency and noise output, it performed well.
  • Smart functionality allows you to operate the unit remotely through your smartphone or tablet.
  • The lights on the control panel may all be turned off.
  • The unit is well-made, with certain design choices that extend its life.
  • comes with a 5-year warranty, which is more time than most other air purifiers have to live up to their promises.
  • It costs less than the majority of its competitors but still retails for more than 4 times as much.
  • All of those filters must be replaced, increasing the long-term cost of ownership.


The Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a great air filter because it removes allergens from the air. It has six different filters, including an ionizer, and it did really well in our air quality tests. Plus, it’s easy to use with buttons, a remote control, or a smartphone.

  1. Rabbit Air MinusA2 is a great product for improving the quality of air in your home. If you breathe, this product can help you. In just 1 hour, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 reduced particulates in the room by 98.5%.
  2. If you need to improve the air quality in your home, then the MinusA2 advanced air purifier is a great option. This purifier comes with one of four custom filters (germ defense, pet allergies, toxin absorber, or odor remover) that you get to pick.
  3. If you want an air purifier that doesn’t just look like a box or tower, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 has 9 different customizable front panels to choose from. This will add some design and color to what would otherwise be a boring appliance.
  4. The MinusA2 air purifier is easy to use. The buttons are on the unit, and there is a basic remote control. You can also control it with a smartphone app.
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