Austin Air Purifier vs Rabbit Air Purifier? Best Value for money

Many people have second thoughts about buying an air purifier. You’re not the only one. In the past, we’ve felt the same way, however, after putting a number of them through the test, we found that once you begin using an air purifier, you won’t want to live without one. In order to ensure that you can continue to breathe freely for many years to come, these high-powered machines remove contaminants like dust and pollen as well as odor and dangerous particles including volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Austin Air Purifier vs Rabbit Air is the battle we are going to discuss in this article.

There are many different brands that are competing with one another for the top spot, and the qualities that differentiate them include things like speed, the amount of space that can be cleaned in a given amount of time, and numerous modes. Air purifier purchasing can be difficult if you’re not already aware of the right details about them.

In order to find the best air purifiers, we investigated, tested a wide range of options, and then selected our top picks based on factors such as efficiency, size, and, yes, even looks. We’ve narrowed it down to the top two from those brands. In the following article, you’ll get a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each product.

Austin Air Purifier vs Rabbit Air


Austin air purifier is the most effective at removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as unpleasant odors. Although the price is steep, its performance is worth it.

Austin air purifiers excel at two things: they’re extremely long-lasting and they effectively filter gases. Among the several air purifiers available today, an Austin air purifier is the most effective at removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as unpleasant odors. Although the price is steep, its performance is worth it. You should budget at least approximately $500 to choose a model that has a lot of extra features.

The design is not extraordinary and neither does this system have multiple options on the control panel. However, you can adjust the basic required features by turning the knob. It offers you three-speed modes. The only point of hesitation for most of the users is the high price that needs to be paid for such basic features. 

How does Austin Air Purifier filter air? 

Austin Air purifiers have a system that pulls air from all directions into the filter. As a result, the filter was able to clean the air at a faster pace while also being more efficient. The 4-stage filter removes almost all of the impurities with a diameter of 0.3 microns or less, and 95% of particles with a diameter of 0.1 microns or smaller.

You can not see these tiny particles with your naked eye but with the effective filtration systems and dual filters integrated with activated carbon filters, these purifiers provide excellent eradication of them.

A medical-grade HEPA filter and activated carbon are both included in every Austin Air purifier. Activated carbon is a specific type of carbon that has been developed to be extremely pliable. There is a lot of surface area on this Activated carbon that can bind and absorb chemical contaminants and toxic gases. The particle sensor along with the indicator light manages to inform the users about the air quality as well as the purifier’s efficiency to improve it. 

Design specifications

The design is quite basic but it is ideal to be used for larger areas of approximately 1500 square feet due to the height of approximately 23 inches and width of approximately 15 inches. 

There are various options to choose from while looking at the models of this brand. However, the best out of them all according to the customers’ needs is Austin Air B410B1.

  • The device has a sleek design that covers a large area.
  • The size is as per the dimensions – 14.5 x 14.5 x 23 inches.
  • The weight of the model is 47 pounds.
  • Lacks remote control facility but has a child lock.

The four fan speed modes also determine the difference in noise produced through the unit. Though these air purifiers are quiet, the lower speed produces less sound as compared to the higher one. The washable pre-filter and easily replaceable filters attract a large number of users. Also, there is a light indicator for determining the time to maintain or replace the hard-working replaceable filters of the system.

Rabbit Air Purifier

rabbit air purifier


4-stage filter removes almost all of the impurities with a diameter of 0.3 microns or less, and 95% of particles with a diameter of 0.1 microns or smaller.

There are just two types of air purifiers that Rabbit Air produces, and those are the BioGS 2.0 and the MinusA2. The price of each of these devices is significantly higher than that of the vast majority of other air purifiers now available on the market.

High-quality components are the primary reason for their high price. Fans on both devices are powered by brushless motors, for example. The MinusA2 comes in a few different iterations, some of which also include smart features.

There are two additional filters included with every MinusA2 air purifier: a medium filter, which functions as an additional pre-filter, and a customizable filter, which can be customized to remove different sorts of particles.

Layers of Filtration

  • The first stage is a pre-filter which removes the larger debris, pollen, hair, and other unwanted pollutants.
  • Next, the system contains a medium filter and a HEPA filter to trap the smaller particles.
  • The customized filter is eligible to remove germs, toxins, allergens, as well as odors. Though the air purifier works well without the customized filter, these add additional cleaning benefits to your surrounding air. 
  • An activated carbon filter can remove even the microparticles.
  • The ion generator can be switched on or off depending on the requirement or the air quality.
  • There is also a brushless direct motor installed in the system.

The filters are washable and can be easily removed for maintenance. There is also a particle sensor on the side. There is a mobile app that can control the modes of the system. Moreover, the users get a remote as well that can control the features on the control panel which is in front of the device. Thus, making the device handy. With the dimensions of 7 x 21.4 x 20.25 inches Rabbit Air MinusA2 provides clean and secure air around you.

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Austin Air Purifier vs Rabbit Air Purifier Comparison Chart

FeatureAustin Air PurifierRabbit Air
HEPA FilterHas True Medical Grade HEPA filterBioGS HEPA Filter present
Built for large spacesYes (1500 sq. ft.)Yes (815 sq.ft.)
Energy StarYes Yes
Wattage115WattsInput voltage – 120V/ 60Hz
Remote ControlNoYes
Filter Replacement ReminderNoYes
Particle SensorNoYes
Removes OdorYesYes
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