Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) Tower-Shaped Air Purifier 

i have tested the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) tower- shaped brand new air purifier, here are some things you need to know.

Toshiba, a name that resonates with expertise and trust in the electronics industry, offers a diverse array of air purifiers, standing testimony to its commitment to health and wellness. Among its lineup, the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) has caught my eye, not just for its nostalgic old-world charm in design but for its promising filtration technology packed within its tower-shaped frame.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of testing and reviewing countless air purifiers, diving deep into their mechanics, and gauging their real-world implications. When it comes to air quality, a subject with direct ramifications on our health, it’s imperative to be discerning and thorough. My commitment is to offer you the most unbiased and comprehensive insights, borne from extensive experience and a genuine passion for fostering healthier living spaces.

The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) stands out as an efficient and trustworthy ally in the fight against indoor pollutants. Its 3-stage filtration technology is robust, ensuring every corner of medium-sized rooms is rid of unwanted particles. While it may lack the frills of Alexa compatibility seen in the US version, its dedication to purifying the air is unwavering, and its price point is enticing for those wanting uncompromised quality without breaking the bank.

As we delve deeper into this review, you’ll get a closer look at the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K)’s operation, understanding how each filter stage contributes to creating a cleaner environment. We’ll also touch upon its energy consumption, drawing comparisons to other players in the market and examining its long-term implications on your utility bill. Moreover, the device’s warranty and its implications on post-purchase support will be discussed, giving you a holistic understanding of what you’re investing in.

Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K)

Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K)



  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.9 x 26.6 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎15.45 lb
  • Control Method: Button
  • Wattage: 55

The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) is designed with a core mission: to purify indoor air and create a healthier environment. As an air purifier, its primary function is to extract various pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses from the atmosphere.

Armed with its 3-stage filtration technology, this device ensures that the air you breathe is consistently fresh and clean. With an effective coverage of up to 222 sq. ft. (21 m2), it’s tailored to ensure optimal purification in medium-sized rooms, circulating and cleaning the air approximately 4.8 times every hour.

Is it good for you ?

Indeed, the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) proves to be an excellent air purifier. Its strengths lie in its ability to provide comprehensive air cleaning using advanced filtration technology. Despite its compact size, it offers effective coverage for medium-sized rooms, ensuring optimal air purification throughout. With an energy consumption of 53W, it strikes a balance between efficiency and energy use, making it a sensible choice for daily use.

Its performance aside, Toshiba also guarantees the longevity of the product with a 1-year warranty in the US market and an extended 3-year warranty in the EU market. This generous warranty policy not only exemplifies Toshiba’s confidence in the product but also provides the user with added peace of mind. In summary, the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) is a reliable, well-engineered device that delivers what it promises – cleaner, fresher air at a reasonable cost.


The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) air purifier might remind you of older designs, looking a bit like the GermGuardian AC4825. It has a tower-like shape. But don’t be fooled by its traditional look; it’s made of strong, quality plastic. There’s a useful handle on the back, which is great because the purifier is a bit heavy. It comes in either white or black. I had the black one, and while its style might not be super modern, it’ll probably fit right into most room decors.

Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) Set-up and installation

  1. Unpack the Air Purifier: Take the air purifier out of its packaging.
  2. Remove Tapes: Peel off any protective tapes you find on the purifier.
  3. Access the Filter:
    • Open the cover located at the back of the device.
    • Carefully take out the filter.
  4. Prep the Filter:
    • Unwrap the filter from its plastic packaging.
    • Once unwrapped, place the filter back inside the purifier.
  5. Final Steps:
    • Make sure everything is secured and put back in place.
    • Position the air purifier where you want it in your room.
    • Plug it into an electrical socket.
    • Turn on the device, and you’re all set!


The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) is a tower air purifier that pulls air from the back and releases it through the front. To ensure it works efficiently, avoid blocking any of its air openings, as this could hinder its performance or even harm the device. For best results, position the purifier centrally in the room, ensuring it’s not too close to walls or other items, allowing optimal airflow and effective air purification.


One of the standout features of the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K), despite its minimalist approach, is its filter reset indicator. In a world brimming with technology, sometimes the most straightforward features can be the most essential.

The filter reset indicator serves as an intuitive reminder for users to replace the filter, ensuring the device continues to operate at optimal efficiency. Over time, filters can get clogged with pollutants, reducing the purifier’s effectiveness. The addition of this feature ensures that the user doesn’t have to rely on memory or guesswork to maintain the purifier.

Its primary benefit lies in taking the guesswork out of maintenance. Instead of marking dates on calendars or setting reminders, the device itself alerts users when it’s time for a change. This guarantees the air you’re breathing remains as clean as possible and extends the lifespan of the device by ensuring it’s not operating with a saturated filter.

In essence, while the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) may lack some of the bells and whistles of its contemporaries, the filter reset indicator underscores its commitment to efficient and straightforward functionality. It’s a nod to those users who appreciate a device that does its primary job exceptionally well, without the distractions of unnecessary add-ons.

Room Size and Cleaning Power

How Much Space Can It Clean? The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) air purifier can clean the air in rooms up to 220 sq. ft. (about the size of a small studio apartment). It has a cleaning power rate (known as CADR) of 240 m³/h. This means, in a 220 sq. ft. room, it will clean the air almost 5 times every hour.

Can It Work in Bigger Rooms? Yes, but not as quickly. In a room twice as big (around 543 sq. ft.), it will clean the air about 2 times every hour. It can still work in bigger rooms if the air isn’t too dirty.

Where Should You Place It? Even though it can clean the air well, the Toshiba air purifier can be a bit noisy and doesn’t have a quiet sleep mode. So, it might not be the best for bedrooms. It’s better for living rooms, workspaces, or other similar areas. Always think about where it fits best in your home to get the most out of it.


1. Activated Carbon Filter

  • What it looks like: This filter is at the back, and it’s big, covering most of the back panel.
  • What it does: It has two jobs:
    • Odor Fighter: Gets rid of bad smells.
    • Big Particle Catcher: Traps the large dust and stuff in the air, which also helps the next filter last longer.

2. True HEPA H13 Filter

  • What it looks like: It’s a part of the main filter system.
  • What it does: This is the real hero! It traps the super tiny stuff in the air, like tiny dust, pet hairs, pollen, and other allergens. Think of it as a super-fine net catching nearly everything in the air, 99.97% of particles, even those that are way, way smaller than a hair!

3. UV Light

  • What it looks like: It’s a light on top of the purifier, but you won’t see it directly (and you shouldn’t, it’s protected for safety).
  • What it does: This light is like a germ fighter. It’s there to battle and defeat tiny germs and viruses floating in the air. It’s especially good at tackling flu-causing bugs and some other common viruses.

Remember: For the purifier to work its best, always get the real-deal filters when it’s time to replace, especially when the machine tells you it’s time. And, don’t wash the filters; just replace them.

Noise Test

The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) air purifier has three speed settings. Here’s the deal with its noise:

  1. No Sleep Mode: This machine doesn’t have a “super quiet” mode for night. That’s a bummer.
  2. Low Speed: Even on its quietest setting, it’s a bit noisy, about as loud as a normal conversation.
  3. High Speed: The good news? On its loudest setting, it’s still quieter than many other air purifiers out there.

In short: It’s not super quiet, but it’s not super loud either. You might not want it in your bedroom, but it would be okay for places like the living room or office.

Air Purifier: Performance

I tried out the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) air purifier in different rooms to see how it works:

  1. Odor Removal: It’s not the best for getting rid of strong smells like cooking or matches. So, if you burned toast, this might not clear up the smell super quickly.
  2. Dust and Allergies: It’s great at tackling dust, pollen, and other allergy triggers. That’s because it has a really good filter.

Specific Room Tests:

  1. Room of 194 sq. ft.: In a medium-sized room, this air purifier cleared out about 94% of the air pollutants in just an hour. That’s impressive!
  2. Room of 320 sq. ft.: In a bigger room, it still did a great job, cleaning up 91% of the air in an hour.

Bottom Line: It’s not great for smells, but it’s awesome for dust and allergies. Whether in a medium or bigger room, it cleans the air pretty fast.

Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) Operating Costs

The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) uses a bit more power than some other air purifiers. For instance, the Levoit Core 400S uses less power but cleans more air, showing that Toshiba’s model could be more energy-efficient.

Electricity Costs:

  • If you keep the Toshiba air purifier on high all day and night for a month, it’ll add around $4.4 to your electricity bill. While this isn’t a lot, some other purifiers might be a bit cheaper to run.

Filter Replacement Costs:

  • You’ll need to buy new filters about twice a year. These, combined with the electricity costs, make the Toshiba a tad more expensive to run yearly than some other purifiers.

In Short: Even though its yearly costs are a bit higher, the Toshiba’s powerful filter is great at cleaning the air. Some might find this trade-off worth it.

Pros and Cons

  • Uses a three-step cleaning process.
  • Contains a high-quality True HEPA H13 filter.
  • Features UV light for extra cleaning power.
  • Connects with Alexa (only in the US model).
  • Handy indicator to signal when the filter needs changing.
  • The HEPA filter can last a whole year.
  • User-friendly.
  • Doesn’t use too much electricity.
  • Comes with a robust warranty (for the EU version).
  • Limited in terms of features.
  • Has an older-looking design.
  • Doesn’t effectively remove strong odors.


The world of air purifiers is vast, and my goal has always been to test as many as possible to guide you to the best choices. The Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) intrigued me initially, but as my tests progressed, it became clear that it might not be the top performer in its class. While it boasts a commendable True HEPA H13 filter, it struggles when tasked with neutralizing odors, mainly due to its subpar carbon filter. Additionally, its lack of advanced features may make it less appealing to those looking for a more versatile machine.

While not the best-in-class, the Toshiba CAF-Z45FR(K) isn’t without merit. If you happen upon a good deal for this purifier, it might be worth the buy for its core functionalities. But for the original price point, better alternatives are undoubtedly available.

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