Medify MA-25 Air Purifier review: 500 Sq. Ft | Portable

The Medify Air MA-25 air purifier is a powerful little machine, delivering exceptional results even in rooms larger than the standard 210 m2.ft, it’s designed for; with 4.8 times more filtration power than most of its peers, you’ll experience exquisite levels of cleanliness and peace of mind when using this top-tier device!

Air purifier Summary

  • The MA-25 is for rooms up to 210 sq. ft.
  • This air purifier uses two of the same type of filter that is mounted next to each other.
  • The MA-25 consumes little energy.
  • Handles allergies, descanting odors, dust, and similar air pollutants efficiently
  • Medify will provide you with a new filter for your machine if it is not working correctly, and this warranty lasts forever.


Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi
Dimensions 9.5 x 9.5 x 20.5 inches (24 x 24 x 52 cm)
DimensionsPre-filter, True HEPA and Active Carbon Filter
Filters6-12 months (150 days)
Filter Longevity6-12 months (150 days)
Coverage484 sq. ft. (45 m2)
Power Consumption38W


Although the Medify MA-25 is not a smart air purifier, it does have all of the essential features required for it to fulfill its basic purpose. While extras such as an intelligent sensor and auto mode would certainly be beneficial additions, I personally feel that they are unnecessary.


Medify MA-25’s timer feature gives you the power to program your air purifier according to your own needs. Whether it be 1h, 2h, 4h, or 8 – this petite and handy option grants control over when you want the machine running so that clean air is always ready for whenever needed.

Child Lock

Let the child lock safeguard your air purifier settings; a little press of 3 seconds is all it takes to prevent any unintentional changes or shutting down. If you ever want to switch off this safety feature, simply hold that same button for another three seconds and you are good to go!


The Dimmer option is a great solution for those who don’t have access to the Medify MA-25’s built-in sleep mode. When you set your device at Speed 1, it will simulate a “sleep” setting that helps you feel like the device is working accordingly.

Filter Reset Indicator

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly having to keep an eye on when it’s time for a filter change. The Filter Reset Indicator is here to make your job easier!

The time has come to switch the filter. No worries! Simply look for the red illuminated icon at the top of your control panel; it’s slightly higher than where you’ll discover the dimmer button.

After swapping out the filter, you’ll need to reset this indicator by pressing and holding down the dimmer button for 3 seconds. Doing so will ensure that everything is functioning properly!

Design and Size

The Medify MA-25 is a modern, rectangularly designed, space-saving air purifier. It follows the same design conventions as its other counterparts in the Medify collection.

The model I have tested and am highlighting here comes with three available color options – black, silver and white. I chose to review this one in white with a contrasting jet-black top panel!

The thoughtful design of the Medify MA-25 makes it a top contender in its class. With sturdy build quality and plastic components, this small device is far from fragile or flimsy – enhanced even more by carrying handles for hassle-free movement between rooms.

The Medify MA-25 offers superior style and the flexibility to select from three different colors, making it a perfect addition to any space; be it an office desk, bedroom nightstand, or even your living room floor. With its exquisite design, this machine is sure to blend in seamlessly with your home décor!

Control Panel

As previously stated, the device has a control panel located at its top which features touch-sensitive buttons and indicators.

These controls are incredibly responsive to pressure, providing users with an intuitive interface for ease of use. Furthermore, their placement is highly convenient – allowing customers to make swift changes without difficulty.

illuminating when active, the Medify MA-25’s buttons serve as indicators of their own and include child lock, timer, power, speed, and dimmer controls.


Weighing in at just 7.3 lbs and with dimensions of 13.5 x 8 x 8 inches, the MA-25 air purifier is impressively lightweight and portable. As I have already noted, it’s convenient to carry around wherever you go!

Room Coverage

The Medify MA-25 air purifier is the ideal size to use in rooms up to 210 sq. ft, where it will cleanse the atmosphere 4.8 times its ACH rating – a market standard for evaluating coverage area.


When discussing filtration, I’m particularly enthusiastic about the double filter system of Medify MA-25. No doubt this is why it achieved such remarkable results during testing!

The Medify MA-25 air purifier boasts a powerful 3-stage filtration system, with a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter, setting the highest standards for quality. Moreover, it does not require an ionizer or any other additional form of filtration – making this device completely ozone free.


The pre-filter serves as the introductory step of filtration and has a mission to capture all large particles such as pet hair, fibers, or dander; this extends the longevity of True HEPA filters. This filter is in essence a nylon mesh that attaches itself to the True HEPA system.


The True HEPA filter is the gold standard for filtration, and it’s no surprise that this appliance has been tested to prove its impressive performance.

A True HEPA filter is a gold standard in air purification, capturing 99.97% of hazardous particles including pollen, pet dander, smoke, smog, and other substances down to 0.3 microns small! It also eliminates odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a fresher breathing experience.

Activated Carbon Filter

Acting as the final stage of filtration, activated carbon filters are designed to absorb pet dander, cooking odors, and VOCs lingering in your home.


I suggest the Medify MA-25 as an ideal air purifier for smaller rooms up to 210 sq. ft, yet I was amazed to see how well it fared even when placed in a slightly larger room of 320 sq. ft. – and that’s what prompted me to conduct my own tests!

194 sq. ft. Room Test

To evaluate the performance of Medify MA-25, I conducted an experiment in a 194 sq. ft. room by running it at maximum speed for 60 minutes and measuring air quality afterward. The results were truly astonishing – this device was able to improve the air quality by up to 94%!

320 sq. ft. Room Test

A second experiment was conducted in a room that measured 320 square feet, slightly larger than what is suggested. Even with the increased size, the Medify MA-25 still performed excellently and managed to improve air quality by 91% within sixty minutes at its maximum speed!

Power consumption

The Medify MA-25 is a compact air purifier that is powered by only 28W of motor energy. An output of 230m³/h from such little power testifies to the skill and expertise of the engineers at Medify who were able to optimize the engine for maximum efficiency.

The Medify is incredibly energy-efficient, requiring only 26.3W at peak performance. In fact, if you chose to run your air purifier at maximum speed 24 hours a day for the entire month – resulting in an additional charge of just $2.3 on your electricity bill – it’s still such a small price to pay!

Furthermore, this magnificent device has even been Energy Star certified; so what are you waiting for?

Pros and Cons

  • Has true HEPA dual filter
  • Portable and sleep design
  • safe tempered glass for control panel
  • 100% ozone-free,CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified
  • good for pet owners
  • Three colors: black, white, and silver
  • Very quiet at first and second speed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No advanced smart options
  • Makes much Noise at the third level


The compact Medify MA-25 air purifier packs an impressive suite of features that make it a great choice for any indoor space. With its dual 3-in-1 filter, True HEPA filter, Energy Star certification, and low power consumption making everyday use is worry-free.

Not to mention the lifetime warranty option which lets you rest assured your investment will last for years to come! Highly rated after rigorous testing; this is worth considering if you want top-quality performance with peace of mind built in.

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