Levoit LV-H128 True HEPA Purifier Review: Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

Levoit has recently introduced its new LV-H128 air purifier, designed to keep your home’s atmosphere clean and fresh. Offering affordable performance for smaller spaces up to 161 sq ft.,

the LEVOIT LV-H128 packs more features per square foot than other models in its price range a side effect of two 3in1 filters positioned on either end! Whether it’s dust or smoke that gets you sneezing, this dynamic duo might just be what your space needs; so don’t let these specs fool you into thinking they’re too good to be true!

Levoit LV-H128

Short Summary of The Levoit LV-H128!

  • The Levoit LV-H128 is a unique air purifier that offers several features not found in other Levoit devices, including the ability to use essential oils.
  • It is also equipped with a powerful dual True HEPA filter, which contributes to its excellent performance.
  • In addition to being effective, the LV-H128 is also very quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain.
  • It is a safe choice, as it does not emit ozone, and its compact size makes it ideal for use in small rooms like a child’s bedroom, a home office, or a pantry.
  • The sleek and attractive design of the LV-H128 allows it to blend seamlessly into any setting.

Levoit LV-H128 Specifications

Manufacturer Levoit
Model LV-H128
Dimensions 6.7 x 6.7 x 10.4 inches (17 x 17 x 26,5 cm)
FiltersPre-filter and Activated Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter
Filter Longevity6-8 months
Number of Fan Speeds3 – Sleep Mode, Low Mode, and High Mode
Power Consumption6W


With its unique design and features, the Levoit LV-H128 stands out from other air purifiers. Its ivory-white base is complemented by a mouse gray top for extra texture. In addition to incorporating two filters within its compact frame, it’s one of the few devices on offer that use essential oils!

The LV-H128 air purifier by Levoit has been designed to be easily operated with just one button, allowing users full control over the device at all times. The control button, along with several glowing white indicators displaying the fan speed and mode (sleep, low, high) offer additional assurance that your device is up and running. An indicator surrounding the button will also light up when you turn it on.

This indicator not only serves as a filter reset reminder but will also turn red when it is time to change the filter. The color red indicates that this essential maintenance task should be completed immediately for the optimal performance of your system.

Control Button

The Levoit LV-H128 is equipped with a single button that allows for unbeatable ease of control. Not only does it allow you to turn the device on and off, but also lets you switch modes or reset filters in no time!

Size and Dimensions

The LV-H128 air purifier is lightweight at 3.3 lb and designed for portability, with dimensions measuring 6.7 x 6.7 x 10.4 inches – identical to the TaoTronics TT-AP001 one I recently tested!

Its slim profile allows it to be easily moved around which makes this device a breeze to take from room to room whenever necessary


The Levoit LV-H128 air purifier is one of the most unique products on the market today. One of its greatest features, and something that will undoubtedly be appreciated by many users, is its ability to diffuse essential oils for a more refreshing atmosphere in any room.

The LV-H128 offers the extraordinary advantage of a dedicated aromatherapy slot. This includes a sponge that is specially designed to absorb your preferred essential oil scent; this exquisite fragrance will then be released into your room as clean air passes through. With this useful feature, you can enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere in no time!

The LV-H128 features impressively hushed operational sound levels; at its lowest fan speed, the noise generated is only 24 decibels – almost silent. Even when running at top speed, it produces just 36 decibels – a level still low enough to not disrupt any activity around you.

Two Fan Speeds and Sleep Mode

With the LV-H128, you can get just the right amount of clean air for any given situation. Choose between two fan speeds and a sleep mode that silently purrs away into nighttime energy savings – after 5 seconds all indicators will turn off! And if you need more power to clear up stubborn allergens or strong odors, then crank it up to high speed – this is where things really start getting fresh.

Filter Reset Indicator

The filter reset indicator is an illuminated sign that appears around the control buttons. When it’s time to change your filter, this warning will be presented in a bright red hue. To reset the prompt, simply press and hold the button for three seconds.

Dual Filter

What makes the Levoit LV-H128 stand out is its dual filter system. Featuring a 2x 3-in-1 True HEPA filter, this air purifier offers unparalleled filtration that I have yet to find in any other model from Levoit. We’ll soon dive deeper into why this type of filtration is so beneficial and effective for overall air quality, but it’s important to note now how impressed I was with its level of efficiency!

Aroma Pad

This innovative idea is unmatched by other Levoit products and air purifier manufacturers, making it a truly remarkable product.

To experience the soothing aroma of essential oils, simply add 2-3 drops onto the top-buttoned scent pad. Once you power up your device, air will pass through and disperse it around your living space! It’s never been more effortless to enjoy a beautiful aromatherapy session in the comfort of your home.

After thoroughly evaluating this innovation, I noticed that 2-3 drops didn’t quite achieve the desired effect. So, to completely experience a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere in my room, I added several additional doses of 2-3 drops throughout the day. This ultimately allowed me to truly feel a difference!

Room Coverage and CADR

The Levoit LV-H128 purifier is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces, such as a 161 sq. ft room. Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 70 cubic meters per hour ensures that your air quality stays fresh and clean all day long!

In my estimation, the LV-H128 is too small to be effective in a room of this size. However, if your needs require a powerful motor with high airflow to cover such an expansive space, I suggest you consider the Levoit Core 300 as it was designed for larger rooms.

Levoit LV-H128 Filtration

The Levoit LV-H128 is one of my favorite air purifiers since it utilizes a dual filter for superior filtration. It includes three stages that are classic amongst all Levoit devices I’ve tried: no ionizers, UV light, or any extra options.

This ensures optimal airflow and effectiveness in cleaning your home from contaminants without the need to pay more money for features you won’t use or will rarely take advantage of.


A fine pre-filter is like the bouncer at a nightclub, keeping out all of those pesky large particles! It traps dust, lint, fibers, and other debris that can clog up your air filter – not to mention it prolongs the life of a true HEPA filter. To keep these unwanted guests away for good make sure you give your pre-filter regular cleanings so there’s no chance for them to accumulate again.

True HEPA filter

Levoit’s LV-H128 Air Purifier is an allergen warrior. Its true HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles, exhausting mold spores, dust fragments, and smoke remnants in the process – leaving you with clean air for a fraction of other purifiers’ prices! No need to worry about allergens like pollen or dander either; this affordable device rids your home of its pesky presence.

Carbon filter

The LV-H128 air purifier falls short in its carbon filter, which should have been a primary source of eliminating smoke and odors. Instead, they opted for basic fibrous coating with carbon when the more advanced option is to use pellets. A bigger and better filter would truly make this device complete by taking full advantage of what it has to offer!

Levoit LV-H128 Filtration

Noise Test

The Levoit LV-H128 offers three fan speed settings and is surprisingly quiet–even on the highest setting. The motor design runs smoothly, creating a pleasant sound without any clangs or rattles. In fact, I often forget to turn it off when using sleep mode because the device’s noise is so minimal! That’s how you know this air purifier is truly whisper-silent in energy-efficient mode.

The Levoit LV-H128 purrs like a kitten when it’s in sleep mode, only emitting 42.4 dBA; however, toggle the settings to high mode and you will be met with 49.3d BA of noise instead!

Performance Tests

I had always been an admirer of Levoit’s models, which consistently have the most excellent quality and are immensely popular. Thus, I was elated when they released their new LV-H128 model!

The Levoit LV-H126 surpasses its previous model in terms of performance, as it is capable of purifying 99.5% of particles down to 0.3 microns within an hour! This air purifier’s power even rivals that of the more expensive LV-H132 – showcasing its incredible capability for a lower cost.

LV-H128 truly stands out from the crowd, tailored for rooms up to 161 sq. ft in size. After I put this model through its paces and a variety of different scenarios, two noteworthy results were recorded – and here they are!

120 sq. ft. Room Test

To properly evaluate the Levoit LV-H128, we tested it in an area of 120 sq. ft., which is slightly below its recommended dimensions. Despite this limitation, the results were still quite impressive! The Levoit model made a commendable impression on our team and delivered a stellar performance.

We trialed the device in the room for an hour, where it continuously operated at its optimal rate of speed. In that timeframe, we were delighted to see a dramatic improvement in air quality by 88%, which is a remarkable result!

194 sq. ft. Room Test

The second room I tested was slightly larger than typical, so I anticipated a lesser outcome compared to the first space. Running in high mode for sixty minutes, the Levoit LV-H128 drastically improved air quality by 82%, dropping AQI levels from 117 down to 21.

Operating Costs

Levoit LV-H128 is an incredible innovation, as it only requires 6W of electricity. I haven’t come across any device that consumes such a low amount!

It appears Levoit has been diligently perfecting their products; this model actually outperforms the previously released Vista 200 air purifier by consuming half the energy – 12W versus 6W respectively.

If you operate the Levoit LV-H128 on high mode 24/7 for a full month, your electricity bill will rise by approximately fifty cents. I factored in that the US average rate of energy is twelve cents per kW/h.

Speed Power Usage (W)

Standby 0.6W

Sleep Mode 1.3W

Low Mode 2.7W

High Mode 5.3W

Product Price

To start the decade with a bang, Levoit is launching the Core P350 air purifier. Already renowned for creating budget-friendly but powerfully efficient purifiers such as their award-winning Core 300 model, this new release looks set to add another successful product to its range.

Not completely bucking trends, however, although being released as an upgrade of a two-year-old LV106 unit and entering into what has traditionally been considered a low-cost segment appears at first glance like conventional thinking; yet they have decided to surprise us by releasing it under the original color scheme rather than something more fashionable!

In essence, Levoit seems keen on dominating all price tiers – from ultra-competitive lower-end models through mid-tier options like LV132 & Levoit core 200S right up to high-performance flagship units like Lv134. It will be interesting if these products manage to stand out among other top contenders that are usually priced around $100 higher.

Looking for a budget-friendly air purifier that won’t compromise on performance?

The Levoit LV-H128 is an excellent choice! At only $49, it’s over 40% cheaper than the original Levoit model and outperforms competitive models like GermGuardian AC4150 or Elechomes EPI081. Plus, its sleek design makes this unit look great in any room. Don’t miss out – jump on this deal before others do!

Reasons to Buy

Levoit is the #1 air purifier brand in the United States and stands out among its competitors with high ratings. Not only are their products affordable, but they also offer a range of different models to choose from.

The LV-H128 model is perfect for casual use and comes with an added bonus – it doubles as an essential oil diffuser! However, please keep in mind that this particular product may not be suitable for spaces larger than 100 square feet since it was designed primarily for smaller rooms. Simply put, if you’re looking for a low-cost and efficient air purifier solution then Levoit’s LV-H128 should be at the top of your list!

Levoit Support and Warranty

With Levoit, you get more than just the product that you purchase. They take extra steps to ensure their customers have all they need for setup and operation, plus a bonus: sign up for free registration with them and receive an additional year of warranty coverage as well as community rewards – like loyalty points towards your next purchase!

Need assistance? Reach out easily Monday through Friday via phone or email – it’s simple! Get in touch now at 888-726-8520.

The email you can contact them at support@levoit.com for quality customer service every time.

Pros and Cons

  • In sleep mode turns off the light
  • Adjust the airflow
  • Relaxing sounds
  • For creating a gentle breeze
  • Easy to set up
  • Design is sleek and stylish
  • Device is energy-efficient.
  • Length of the power cord limit where you can place the device.
  • struggle to effectively filter dust over time, only initially handling dust well.
  • airflow on the LV-H128 is relatively weak compared to some other air purifiers.

Final Thoughts

I have been consistently impressed with the high-quality air purifiers from Levoit, and as such, I always expect great performance when testing their new devices. So far, my expectations have rarely gone unmet – a testament to Levoit’s superior products!

I was delighted with the modern improvements Levoit made to their LV-H128 model, however, it did not quite meet my expectations in terms of performance.

Ultimately, the LV-H128 is a modern and minimalistic air purifier that will make your room feel rejuvenating with its quiet yet efficient operation. This model is perfect for small spaces and works great if you want to add some essential oils too! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective device of this size – you won’t be disappointed!

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