Two Lights Blinking on Your Winix Air Purifier? Here Are 5 Ways to Fix It

Winix air purifiers are known for their ability to clean the air in your home, making it healthier to breathe. These machines pull in dirty air, filter out dust, pollen, and other pollutants, and then push clean air back out.

It uses a set of filters to catch different kinds of dirt and smells. Over time, like any machine, Winix Air Purifier may show signs of needing a little care or a fix.

Winix Air Purifier Two Lights Blinking

To help you solve this, here are the 5 fixes you can try.

Winix Air Purifier Two Lights Blinking: Reason

When your Winix air purifier has two lights blinking, it’s usually a signal that your machine requires particular attention. This situation primarily arises due to issues related to the filters of your purifier.

Pre-filter Light Blinking

Commonly, one of the blinking lights can be related to the pre-filter of the machine. The pre-filter is the initial level of filtration, working to screen out larger airborne particles before they can clog other filters. It helps prolong the lifespan of the subsequent filters, such as the True-HEPA and Carbon filters.

When the corresponding light starts blinking on your Winix purifier, it’s the machine’s way of telling you that it’s time to clean the pre-filter.

True HEPA or Carbon Filter Light Blinking

The other blinking light could be for the True HEPA filter or the Carbon Filter. These filters function to eliminate smaller, microscopic pollutants and odor particles respectively.

When the True HEPA or Carbon filter’s light starts blinking, it indicates that these filters have completed their lifecycle and need replacement. It’s essential to heed the warning and promptly replace these filters to ensure that your air purifier functions effectively and the air you breathe remains clean and healthy.

Attention Post Replacement

Once you have followed the prompt and either replaced or cleaned the relevant filters, do not forget to reset the filter change light on your machine. If you find that both lights persist in blinking even after attending to the filters, it signifies another issue.

It becomes necessary at this point to get in touch with Winix customer service for additional insights and assistance.

Filter Replacement Reminder

When the two lights on your Winix air purifier start blinking, it’s a sign to check the filters. These filters play a big role in cleaning the air. The pre-filter catches big pieces of dust and hair. The carbon filter helps get rid of smells, and the HEPA filter catches tiny particles you can’t even see. Over time, these filters get full and can’t clean the air well. That’s why your air purifier is asking for new filters.

Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Open your air purifier carefully to get to the filters. You might need to read the guide that came with it to do this right.
  • Step 2: Take out the filters one by one. Look at them closely in good light. If dirt covers them or they look old, you need to replace them.
  • Step 3: Go buy the right filters. It’s very important to choose the ones that fit your exact model.
  • Step 4: Put in the new filters. Your guide will show you how to put them in the right way.
  • Step 5: Close everything up tight. Make sure the cover snaps in place so no air leaks out.

Reset the Indicator

After putting in new filters, the next step is to tell your air purifier that it has new filters. This stops the lights from blinking. The way to reset the indicator depends on your model, but most of the time, you just press a button.

Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Look for the reset button. It’s usually marked clearly.
  • Step 2: Press this button down and hold it for a few seconds. You’re telling the air purifier it has new filters now.
  • Step 3: Keep an eye on the lights. When they stop blinking, it means the reset worked.
  • Step 4: Now you can let go of the button. The air purifier knows it has new filters and is ready to work again.

Air Quality Sensor Issue

If the lights keep blinking even after you’ve changed the filters, something might be blocking the air quality sensor. This sensor checks the air and helps the purifier know when to work harder. But if dust blocks it, the sensor can’t do its job.

Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Use your guide to find where the sensor is on your air purifier.
  • Step 2: Gently clean the sensor with a soft, clean cloth. Be careful not to scratch or damage it.
  • Step 3: Don’t use any water or cleaners. Just a dry cloth is best.

Check for Obstructions

Your air purifier needs to move air in and out freely. If something blocks the air going in or coming out, it can make the purifier work too hard. This can also make the lights blink as a warning.

Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Look around and under your air purifier. Move anything that’s too close to it.
  • Step 2: Make sure there’s plenty of room around the air purifier. It needs space to pull in air and push it out.

Power Cycle

Sometimes, just turning your air purifier off and then back on can clear up any small problems. This is like restarting a computer when it’s acting slow.

Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Unplug your air purifier. This gives it a break from electricity.
  • Step 2: Wait for a little bit, about a minute. This time let everything inside the purifier reset.
  • Step 3: Plug it back in. Now, your air purifier should start fresh, without the blinking lights.


1. What does it mean when two lights are blinking on my Winix air purifier?

When two lights blink on your Winix air purifier, it usually means the machine is telling you to check or replace the filters. It’s like a friendly nudge to make sure your air stays clean. The lights are a reminder because the purifier can’t clean the air well if its filters are old or dirty.

2. How do I stop the lights from blinking on my Winix air purifier?

To stop the blinking lights, first, you need to replace the filters if they’re old or dirty. After you put in new filters, press the reset button on your purifier. Hold it for a few seconds until the lights stop blinking. This tells your purifier that it has new filters and can go back to working right.

3. Can dirty sensors cause the lights to blink on my Winix air purifier?

Yes, if the air quality sensor is blocked by dust, the lights might blink. The sensor needs to be clean to check the air properly. You can gently wipe it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust. Be careful not to use water or cleaners, as they can harm the sensor.

4. What should I do if there’s nothing blocking the air flow but the lights are still blinking?

First, make sure there’s nothing close to the air intake or outflow that could block the air. If everything seems clear but the lights keep blinking, try turning off the purifier and unplugging it. Wait for about a minute, then plug it back in and turn it on. This can reset the system and might fix the blinking lights.

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