How to Use Air Purifier?

How to Use Air Purifier

Many people often don’t realize how polluted the air inside their homes is. This polluted air can further trigger people with respiratory conditions like Asthma. It can also trigger allergies – causing a sneeze fest in your house! However, air purifiers aim to solve these problems if used correctly. we are going to talk about the most effective ways to an air purifier.

So, how you can use an air purifier correctly? The proper way to use air purifiers involves – choosing the right location, ensuring proper direction and flow, keeping windows and doors closed, and changing filters regularly. 

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Now, let’s talk about how to use an air purifier in detail. 

How to Use An Air Purifier: Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Find The Right Location

Choosing the right location for your air purifier is imperative for its efficient performance. You could have the best air purifier, but it might not work as efficiently if it is obstructed. 

Here are a few tips to determine the air purifier’s position: 

  • Choose the Most Polluted Room: You can put the air purifier in the kitchen if there’s smoke. If you have a pet fur dander problem, then the living room is an ideal place. You can also keep it in your bedroom if you’re concerned about the air you breathe while sleeping.
  • Take Care of the Room Size: Don’t put a powerful air purifier in a compact room. Similarly, avoid using a small air purifier for a large room. Always take note of the recommended room size for a particular air purifier.
  • Find Appropriate Position in the Room: Note that an air purifier needs a spacious area to absorb the air and push it out. If you keep it right near the wall, it won’t be able to absorb as much air as possible. As a thumb rule, the distance between an air purifier and a wall needs to be more than 15 cm (or six inches). Additionally, don’t keep it below or behind any furniture item. It’s also good to keep the air purifier at an elevated position – at most 5 feet higher.
  • Keep the Air Purifier Away From Electronics: Items like microwaves and televisions may cause electronic interference. Thus, they can reduce the air purifier’s performance. So, keep your air purifier at least 5 feet away from any electronics.

Step 2: Take Care of the Air Flow

You should ensure that your air purifier is facing the right side. Typically, you should make it face the wider area of the room for a small space. 

However, it is best to keep the air purifier six to ten feet closer to where you’re sitting or sleeping (i.e., couch or bed) for maximum performance in a large room.  

Step 3: Try to Keep the Air Purifier On Always

If you’re skeptical about keeping your air purifier on always, try it once! Most air purifiers are built to run all day and night long, as long as their filters are changed regularly. 

Moreover, air pollution is a constant problem and requires constant cleaning. So, it is best to keep the air purifier on always to have clean and healthy air!

Step 4: Limit Outside Interaction – Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Even if you have the windows and doors opened, your air purifier will still work. But, its performance and power can reduce significantly. 

Keeping the windows and doors open can put an additional load on your air purifier. Therefore, causing an early degradation of an air purifier and low quality of purified air. It will also allow the filtered air to escape the room! 

So, it is best to limit any outside interaction and keep your windows and doors locked. Also, ensure that there are no spaces causing air leaks. 

Step 5: Maintain and Change the Filters Frequently

If you always keep your air purifier on, you need to change the filters at least every three months. For partial use, changing filters every six months is recommended

Note that if you have washable filters, then you can try washing them by following these steps:

  1. First, soak the filter in soapy water at a normal temperature. 
  2. Next, pour the water on the filter gently to clean it. 
  3. Don’t use a jet spray as it can mess up your filter. 
  4. Lastly, let the filter dry off completely before placing it back in the air purifier. 

You can also ask your air purifier’s company how often you should change the filters.

Final Thoughts

Air purifiers are usually easy to use once you get them. However, you need to place them properly and maintain them regularly to see the maximum benefits. 

We hope this article helped you figure out how to use an air purifier!

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