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Renowned for its longevity, Winix has been a reputable producer of air purifiers in multiple sizes and price ranges. Notably, their model the Winix C535 (Winix Zero) is especially noted for both its affordable costs and expansive features. I have personally tested several models from this company with stunning results.

With the Winix C535, you will get an advanced yet intuitive design similar to that of its predecessor – The 5500-2. It’s perfect for areas up to 360 sq. ft., and comes with a three-stage filtration system plus an ionizer function, giving you complete control over your air quality needs!

Winix C535

Best Air Purifier for Every Range

The Winix C535 air purifier is the ideal choice for medium and larger rooms, with its size and power offering maximum benefit.

Specification Of Winix C535 Air purifer

Dimensions15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches
FiltersPre-Filter, Odor Absorbing Carbon Filter and True HEPA Filter
Filter Longevityup to 12 months
Coverage360 sq. ft.
CADRSmoke 232 / Dust 243 / Pollen 246
Power Consumption70W

Short Summary

  • Winix C535 is an air purifier mentioned for rooms up to 360 sq. ft.
  • It is available in the US, Europe, and some other markets.
  • It uses a smart sensor, which will detect the current air quality in the room.
  • Remote controller, air quality indicator, and filter reset indicator are just some of the many advanced features Winix C535 offers.
  • Winix gives a two-year warranty for this model.
  • C535 will fit into any room in your home; you can use it in a bedroom, living room, or even in the basement.

Winix C535 Features

Winix C535 Air Purifier


By leveraging the power of advanced technology, this innovative device is able to generate hydroxyls in order to effectively combat bacteria and viruses. With a user-friendly on/off switch, PlasmaWave’s ionizer provides maximum flexibility for your needs.

Auto Mode

The C535 fan is equipped with a smart sensor that can adjust the speed of operation to combat air pollution in your living space. The device will automatically bump up its turbo mode when pollutants are detected and switch back down if the room’s air quality improves.

Plus, it has a light sensor so you don’t have to worry about noise disrupting your sleep – as soon as it gets dark out, the device switches into silent “sleep” mode!

Air Quality Indicator

With the air quality indicator, you can keep an eye on your current environment at a glance. The smart sensor will detect and measure the air quality in real time, which is then illuminated by different colors to provide easy visibility of what’s going on around you.


The Winix C535 is designed with an innovative timer feature, allowing you to set the 1h, 4h, or 8h intervals for your convenience. If you enjoy having a fresher home atmosphere but want it to turn off automatically at certain times of day or night, this timer function comes in handy!

Remote Control

The Winix C535 air purifier is designed with a handy remote control system, allowing the user to manage this device from up to 20 feet away. Plus, batteries are included for your convenience!

Check Filter Indicator

When it’s time to replace the True HEPA filter and the carbon filter, the check filter indicator will light up. This warning sign is your reminder that you should switch out these filters in order to keep your air clean and healthy.

Winix C535 Design and Size

The construction of the Winix C535 is nothing short of outstanding. This model comes in a pristine white color, aside from its control panel which is fashioned in black.

The device is heavy. Its sides are perfectly straight, giving it a vintage appeal.

With its stunning design, this device is the perfect addition to any room – be it a bedroom, living area, or kitchen! Its convenient handle at the top allows for easy transport. All the buttons, indicators, and sensors are neatly laid out on the device’s control panel at its summit and its power cord length is standard.


The C535 air purifier may weigh a bit more than its counterparts, tipping the scales at 14.7 lb., but this shouldn’t deter you from taking it with you when needed –

its convenient carrying handle makes portability effortless! Its dimensions are 15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches to ensure that it fits perfectly in any room or location of your choosing!

Winix C535 Room Coverage

For a space of up to 360 square feet, this air purifier is virtually as efficient as the Honeywell 50250 and GermGuardian AC5900W.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of Winix C535 impressively stands at 243cfm for Dust, 232cfm for Smoke, and 246 cfm for Pollen – higher than most other Winix devices. You will immediately enjoy the refreshing air right after turning it on!

Noise Test

The Winix C535 is an astonishingly quiet device – with only one minor issue: its 4th and 3rd-speed settings have a relatively extreme disparity in volume. It appears as if there should be at least one extra speed slot between the two, to give a more even sound output overall.

The Winix C535 is a quiet yet powerful device that produces noises ranging from 42.4 dBA at its lowest speed to 63.2 dBA in turbo mode – with the second and third speeds generating 44.2 and 47.1 dBAs, respectively.

I’m absolutely satisfied and thrilled with the sleep mode feature, which emits a noise of approximately 40.8 dBA when activated.

Winix C535 Filters

Winix C535’s advanced three-stage filtration system includes a True HEPA filter, carbon filter and PlasmaWave technology for superior air purification. With this triple layer of protection, you can be sure your home is breathing clean air.

Winix filter Replacement



  • Color: White
  • Product Dimensions: 14.1″L x 2.2″W x 16.6″Th
  • Item Weight: ‎1.1 Pounds
  • Control Method:
  • Wattage: NO

The Winix C535 provides superior air purification with its three-stage filtration system.

Last but not least is PlasmaWave which destroys harmful pollutants at a molecular level for added protection!

Winix C535 Filter Types


Winix C535

The Winix C535 pre-filter functions as your first line of defense against the greatest airborne particles found indoors. This stage is paramount in protecting you and your family from any potential harm that can be caused by these pollutants.

By routinely cleaning the pre-filter every two weeks, you can extend filter life and create a better performance from your machine. Not only that, but you’ll also be protecting other filters as well! This simple step will ensure maximum efficiency for your device.

Carbon Filter

Winix C535 is equipped with an impressive filter system – it utilizes a fibrous filter, covered in carbon particles which efficiently reduces VOCs and any other irritating household odors from cooking, pet, and smoke. This powerful filtering combination provides the user with clean air that’s free of pollutants!

True HEPA filter

It is not recommended to wash or clean a true HEPA filter in any way, as it was specifically designed to not be washable.

HEPA filters are highly effective in trapping air pollutants, from diminutive pollen and mold spores to larger particles like pet dander.

Reaching even the tiniest of airborne irritants measuring just 0.3 microns in size, these scientifically-approved filtration systems can trap up to 99.97% of contaminants – leaving your breathing space virtually pollutant free!


Whilst I find it unnecessary for the PlasmaWave to be automatically turned on each time the device is started, this feature can still easily be disabled and left at users’ discretion. This option remains available to control whenever desired and ultimately proves more practical that way!


I put the Winix C535 to the test in a variety of rooms and scenarios. For general performance, my biggest issue with this unit is its auto mode due to the fact that it only detects unpleasant odors from its smart sensor.

The Winix C535 isn’t suitable for everyone, as dust is oftentimes more prevalent than smoke or other odors in many rooms. This ensures that this air purifier is a perfect fit for the right user and environment.

Thanks to the auto mode feature, my Winix C535 model has become an effortless device to use. It automatically switches into sleep mode in the evening which makes it all the more convenient.

Winix C535 Power Consumption

The Winix C535 is a powerful device and has an impressive 70W motor

At its first speed, the C535 is an incredible energy-efficient machine that requires only 6W of power – far less than similar products. Even in sleep mode, it’s even more efficient as it consumes a mere 3W!

Operating the Winix C535 24 hours a day on turbo mode will set you back an additional $4.8 in electricity bills!

Maintainance Cost

Additionally, the filter replacement costs for this model are comparatively higher than other models.

The replacement filter for the Winix C535 air purifier costs around half of what it would cost to purchase an entirely new unit. However, when you take into account electricity consumption over a 12-month time frame, the maintenance and upkeep of the C535 nearly rival its original purchase price!

Pros and cons

  • Outstanding performance
  • Value for Money
  • Airflow is satisfactory
  • Advanced Features
  • Smart Sensor With Auto mode
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep Mode is noise free
  • Air Quality Level Indicator
  • Costly Replacement Filters
  • Unfortunately, the User Manual does not provide a precise indication of how much ozone is released.
  • smart sensor only detects odors.


The Winix C535 air purifier is the ideal choice for medium and larger rooms, with its size and power offering maximum benefit. Tests yielded great results too – all that’s needed to get it working optimally is a fibrous carbon filter rather than pellets, plus an odor-detecting smart sensor.

Looking for a long-lasting air purifier that won’t break the bank?

The Winix C535 is your go-to solution with an outstanding price-to-quality ratio and a two-year warranty.

Not only does it promise excellent results on performance tests, volume tests, and other checkups but has also been proven effective in removing even strong odors from cooking or wildfires – giving you peace of mind as well as clean air during nighttime without any disturbances!

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