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Levoit Vital 100

Levoit’s Vital 100 promises to eliminate allergens, pet dander, and dust from your living space with an aesthetic design that won’t break the bank.

This compact air purifier will be a great choice for those seeking powerful performance in rooms up to 300 sq. ft., providing all of the classic 3-in-1 filtrations you’d expect from Levoit at an accessible price point – perfect for creating pristine breathing conditions anywhere!

Levoit Vital 100

Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for Pollution

The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier offers remarkable performance with its True HEPA filter and minimal options, allowing for a highly reliable experience at an affordable price.

Levoit Vital 100 Review Summary

  • The Levoit Vital 100 is designed for 300 sq. ft. rooms
  • This machine uses a 3-in-1 True HEPA rectangular filter.
  • The Vital 100 is a small, rectangular air purifier that works very well.
  • This is a safe product to use. It does not produce ozone.
  • 1-year warranty with the product


Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Vital 100
Dimensions 12.8 x 6.4 x 16.1 inches
FiltersPre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and True HEPA Filter
Filter Longevity6-8 months
Coverage300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
CADR130 CFM / 221 m3/h
Power Consumption55W
Warranty2- year


Levoit Vital 100



  • Color: Cream White
  • Product Dimensions: 6.4″D x 12.8″W x 16.1″H
  • Item Weight: 9.3 Pounds
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Wattage: 55

The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier is a sleek, rectangular device with rounded corners and superior craftsmanship. The high-quality plastic construction exudes elegance at first touch, giving you the sense of luxury that only premium quality can offer.

Its immaculate design strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality for maximum cleanliness in any room.

The Vital 100 is offered in gleaming white or an alluring grey. I tested out the white version for this review, with the top of it being a shade of grey. Attention to detail has been paid here: there’s even a carry slot adorning its back which makes transportation effortless.

Control Buttons and Indicators

Levoit Vital 100 - control panel

Located on the outer shell of the product is a control panel featuring sensitive, easy-to-use touch buttons and indicators; these are arranged side by side in an orderly fashion.

On the control panel of this device, there are several touch buttons: on/off, speed, display, timer, and filter. To give you an overview of your current settings at a glance – next to the speed button lies an indicator that displays the fan’s velocity while above the timer button is another indicator demonstrating its set timing.

Size and Dimensions

At a weight of 9.3 lb and measuring 12.8 x 6.4 x 16.1 inches, the Vital 100 air purifier is both lightweight and compact making it incredibly easy to move from room to room!


The Levoit Vital 100 is a minimalist air purifier that features only the fundamental options – no extras like a smart sensor, auto mode, intelligent app compatibility, and more. This model ensures you get what you need without any unnecessary additions.

Display Off Button

If you’re looking for a way to get peace and quiet without the worry of sleep mode, Display Off is an ideal choice! Just press this button and all the indicators on your device will be shut off – perfect if you use it in the bedroom or have trouble sleeping with any type of light. With Display Off, no more stressing about finding your comfortable snoozing spot!


The timer is an extra feature on the Vital 100 air purifier. The timer makes the device turn off at a certain time. You can set the timer for 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours. This is a useful feature, especially if there is no smartphone app compatibility.

Filter Reset Indicator

Conveniently located on the control panel’s right side, the filter reset indicator is an excellent feature that makes using your device a breeze. It monitors how long you’ve been using your current filter and will alert you when it needs to be replaced. This nifty tool keeps track of time so that you can worry less about replacing filters and enjoy more peace of mind!

No Ozone

Levoit Vital 100 is completely safe and ozone-free, having forged the use of ionizers, UV-C light, or any other filtration system that could lead to ozone accumulation. To further demonstrate its trustworthiness and safety standards, CARB certification has been awarded to this product as well.

Room Coverage and CADR

With a CADR of 130 CFM / 221 m3/h, the Vital 100 is ideal for any living area such as your bedroom, kitchen, or even lounge. It’s powerful enough to purify up to 500 ft² / 46.5 m² in just 30 minutes and 300 ft² / 28 m² within 18 minutes- quite remarkable!

No matter the size of your room, this model has you covered; from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens alike, its performance will exceed expectations! With features that guarantee optimal results in any space, I can confidently promise a rewarding experience.


The Levoit Vital 100 presents unparalleled air purification by utilizing a three-tier filtration system: a pre-filter, activated carbon, and True HEPA filter for absolute cleanliness.

The Vital 100 boasts a substantial rectangular filter, occupying the entirety of its front. Unfortunately, however, it is not compatible with essential oils; if you’re in search of an air purifier that can handle such liquids look no further than Levoit’s LV-H128 model equipped with their Aroma Pad.


To maintain optimal air quality, the constantly circulating airstream in a Levoit Vital 100 is initially purified through an innovative washable fabric pre-filter. This filter captures large particles such as dust and pet fur beforehand to preserve the efficacy of True HEPA filters downstream – making it easier for you to enjoy clean breathable air at its finest!

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is a powerful second stage of filtration, containing small but efficient pellets. Though the amount of carbon used in this particular filter may be insufficient for heavy smoke scenarios, it still offers an impressive performance boost compared to more traditional fibrous filters.

Activated carbon filters are a marvel of modern engineering, with the capability to absorb smoke, fumes, and odors from common household items like gasoline or formaldehyde.

I was particularly impressed when testing an air purifier using my lit-match test – many failed this tricky task but one stood out above all: The Vital 100 showed no signs of odor after I ran it through its paces!

True HEPA Filter

The final filter of this model is the true HEPA. It offers superior performance, capturing 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns- from smoke and dust to bacteria, viruses, and pollen – making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce their exposure to indoor pollution while creating a healthy home environment.

Performance Tests

If you’re looking for an air purifier that can efficiently clean up to 300 square feet, the Levoit Vital 100 is a great option! Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 CFM makes it one of the most efficient models on the market – perfect for small spaces.

194 sq. ft. Room Test

We Put it to the test in a mere 194 sq. ft room, slightly smaller than recommended, Vital 100 is still amazed at its outstanding results! With only 60 minutes of running at full power, air quality improved by almost 95%, transforming an AQI score of 128 into just 7.

320 sq. ft. Room Test

During the second experiment, in a room close to the optimal size of 320sq ft., Vital 100 delivered remarkable results. In only an hour, Vital 100 decreased the air quality index from 124 all the way down to 10 with maximum speed – dramatically improving it by 92%.

Noise Test

When discussing the noise level of Levoit Vital 100, I frequently touch on its three fan speeds and lack of sleep mode. Although it is slightly louder than other models due to this feature difference, it’s not a significant amount of extra noise.

When the motor is running, there is a faint hum that most users will not even detect. The Vital 100 operates at 41.9 dBA when first in motion and 63.4 dBA on maximum speed – making it an extremely quiet device compared to other motors!

Speed Value (dBA)

Low 41.9 dBA

Medium 51.1 dBA

High 63.4 dBA

Operating Costs

Despite its compact size, I was surprised to find that the Levoit Vital 100 pulls 55W. While this is undoubtedly impressive, it seems like Levoit could have installed a less powerful but equally capable motor on this device for an even more remarkable result.

If you leave the Vital 100 running at its peak performance for 24 hours each day over a period of one month, it will cost approximately $5 in energy expenses.


The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier offers remarkable performance with its True HEPA filter and minimal options, allowing for a highly reliable experience at an affordable price. Despite the slightly louder noise, it may produce maximum speed.

This budget-friendly model is very easy to use and maintain – making it perfect for anyone in search of hassle-free cleaning. For those wanting something more advanced, however, there are plenty of other models from Levoit available too; be sure to check out their reviews online!

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