IonPacific Ionbox Review (2022)

IonPacific Ionbox Review

Today we are looking at one of the more popular air ionizers (negative ion generators on the market), the IonPacific Ionbox. Classified as a true air ionizer and not just an air purifier, this small device packs quite a punch and has many things to talk about. We will start by taking a look at the features, then move on to the pros & cons and end with our final thoughts/conclusion. So here is our IonPacific Ionbox Review.

IonPacific ionbox

IonPacific Ionbox Features

Although the device is small and portable, it comes with an impressive list of features. The main features are:

  • High output of up to 20 million negative ions per cubic cm per second. 20 Million is a formidable number, as we consider anything above 6-7 million per cubic cm per second to be a good start for an air ionizer. Despite the small size, creators say that it is efficient for spaces up to 500 square feet, which is the size of an average small apartment.
  • Efficient and easy to use. A built-in dual voltage power supply ensures that you can take Ionbox with you anywhere you go. An added USB connector makes it possible for you to simply plug it into a laptop, which is also very convenient. It uses only 1,5w to run – super low power consumption. This means that you can run it 24/7 without putting a dent in your electricity bill.
  • Removes even the smallest harmful particles. Since the device is an actual air ionizer and not just an air purifier, it removes virtually any harmful particle in the air. That includes even the smallest ones, which air purifiers that use filters usually can not remove. So the Ionbox is good for removing toxins, bacteria, dust, smoke, allergens, pollen, odor, and particulates. For more information on the difference between an air ionizer and an air purifier, you can read this blog post we recently wrote.
  • Does not use any filters. This makes the device more user-friendly, low maintenance, and cost-efficient. We will touch more on this topic under pros & cons.
  • Many health benefits. Ionbox uses technology that involves releasing negative ions into the air. Negative ions have been shown to have many positive effects on the human body. Some of these are improved sleep quality, physical & mental performance, concentration, mood, alertness, and skin health.

Pros and cons

Just like any other device, the IonPacific Ionbox comes with its own set of positives and negatives. Let us take a closer look:


  • A high amount of negative ion emission. The manufacturer claims that this device releases up to 20 million negative ions per cubic cm per second. As we stated above, this is generally a high number that many ionizers can not achieve.
  • No ozone byproduct. Ionbox negative ion generator does not emit any ozone whatsoever. This is really great news since ozone (even in very small quantities) is not good for your health. Even tho FDA allows devices to have up to 0.05 ppm of ozone, we would still steer away from any amount.
  • Small and portable. The design, size, and flexibility of the unit make it very convenient to take it with you wherever you go. You can also put it pretty much anywhere in your room as it does not take up almost any space.
  • Negative ions provide health benefits for the body. In addition to superb air cleaning abilities, negative ions also impact the body in many positive ways. There is no downside to inhaling negative ions too! Ionbox uses only negative ion technology for cleaning and does not use filters. This means that you get clean air and improved health. In comparison, air purifiers that use only filters usually do not have an ionization function (do not release negative ions). This means that you only get clean air, but no additional health benefits that negative ions provide. Many users list better sleep quality as the main benefit.
  • Does not use filters. Building up from the previous point, Ionbox does not use any filters. In the long run, this means that you will save quite a bit of money. Air purifiers that use filters need to change them (on average) once, sometimes twice per year. This leads up to more money spent on maintenance, which can quickly add up to the total cost. Besides, you really do have to change filters or they become infected with bacteria – that is not a situation you want to find yourself in!


  • Not very durable. Quite a few users report the device breaking down on them within the first year of use. The issue seems to be mostly related to the fan not working as it should, or just not spinning after a while. You have to be really careful when moving the device around to avoid dropping it by accident.
  • Buzzing sounds. Ionbox uses a fan to push out negative ions. Sadly this means that it is not silent. A buzzing sound can be heard coming out of the device, which can get noticeable.
  • Can be a challenge to clean. After a while dust starts collecting in the device, which is hard to clean completely (even with the tiny brush that comes with the product).
  • Less effective for bigger rooms. Despite the fact that Ionbox claims that it is effective for places up to 500 square meters….it still falls a little bit short of that claim. The small fan and in general the small size of the device makes it hard to push the negative ions far enough to cover that large of an area. I would advise using more than 1 unit if you are pushing for 500 square feet, for optimal results.

Here is a short summary of the pros & cons

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-check-1″ cons_icon=”icon icon-ban-1″ show_title=”true” title=”IonPacific Ionbox” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]High negative ion emission
No ozone
Small and portable
Health benefits of negative ions
Does not use filters[/i2pros][i2cons]Durability issues
Can be noisy
Not the easiest to clean
Less effective in big rooms[/i2cons][/i2pc]

IonPacific Ionbox – final thoughts

People over at IonPacific have made an all-around great portable and effective air ionizer/negative ion generator. Its small size and built-in dual voltage power supply make it very convenient to carry around. It is great for home use, but keep in mind that one unit will probably be efficient for only a single room! If you wanted to cover the whole apartment or house effectively, you would definitely need more than 1 unit in our opinion. Otherwise, the amount of negative ions it releases (20 million per cm3 per second) is enough to remove all harmful particles from the air, regardless of their size. The fact that it produces no ozone and uses no filters means gets an instant thumbs up from us.

You need to be very careful with how you handle the device. It is not a very sturdy one and you can quite easily find yourself with a non-working fan. Then there is the fan noise – even tho the fan is small, it can produce quite a bit of noise. Sometimes this noise can worsen with use, so keep that in mind. If you are a light sleeper you might not want to put Ionbox next to your bed, as the sound could prevent you from a full night’s rest.

All in all, I really like this product. It is among one of the better commercially available ionizers currently on the market. I believe that IonPacific Ionbox is a good fit for you if:

-you are looking for a small, portable, yet powerful negative ion generator/ionizer
-wants something hassle-free that you just plug in and not think about
-like to travel and want an air purifier that you can bring along with you
-you want an effective device that is good all-around, and suitable against all types of harmful airborne particles.

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How does Ionbox Work?

Ionbox works by cleaning and sanitizing the air nearby you. Ionbox works by cleaning the air near your surroundings by emitting negative ions.

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