Hokeki Air Purifier Review 2022

Hokeki Air Purifier Review

In today’s post, I will be doing a HOKEKI Air Purifier Review. This relatively new purifier is packing some pretty cool features and it has the potential to be in the top tier for this price point. As is the case with all of my other reviews, I am first going to be taking a look at the features of the device. In the next section, I will be focusing on the pros&cons, explaining each one as we go. The final part of the review will be my conclusion, where I summarize and discuss who would benefit from this air purifier the most. Read on to find out if Hokeki Air Purifier is the right choice for you.

Hokeki Air Purifier Review

Hokeki Air Purifier – Features

Hokeki air purifier comes with many useful features, which we usually associate with good air purifiers. These are:

3 stage filtration system. This unit comes with the standard three-part filtration system that consists of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and a carbon-activated filter. Pre-filter has an antibacterial coating and it is there to capture only the largest particles, such as dust. Next, we have a true HEPA filter, combined with a multi-care filter. This combined filter does the majority of cleaning and captures smaller particles. Lastly, the carbon-activated filter is there to effectively remove all odors and gasses. This cleaning system has a performance of 220 CADR rating and is effective for rooms of up to 333 square feet.

Integrated smart air quality sensor. You can find this sensor on the control panel. It monitors and displays the current air quality of the air around it, in real-time. There are 4 air quality levels, ranging from blue (cleanest) to red (dirtiest).

Timer, memory function, and quiet mode. You can choose between 3 different time intervals – 2,4, and 8 hours. Timer functions are included in air purifiers with the main purpose to save you some energy and money. The memory function is quite unique and it basically remembers the last used settings before you turn off the machine. So next time when you turn the machine back on, you can restore your previous settings. This device also has a sleep mode, which operates at a low 32 decibel (dB) noise level.

Genuine replacement filters. This device comes with its own filters, which the company recommends for optimal performance. You can expect to change them 1-2x a year, depending on how much you use this air purifier. There is a filter replacement indicator on the control panel that lets you know when it is time to change them.

Hokeki Air Purifier – Pros & Cons

In this section, I am going to be focusing solely on the positives and negatives of the Hokeki air purifier. Every decision will also be explained, so you get a better understanding of my decisions.


Powerful true HEPA filter. By powerful I mean that it is combined with a multi-care filter which many air purifiers in this price range simply do not have. True HEPA filters can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. Multi-care filter, in combination with a HEPA filter, lowers that number to 0.2 microns. In other words, this filter can capture more harmful particles than other HEPA filters. Usually the smaller the particle, the more harmful it is.

Air quality sensor. Having a built-in air quality sensor is great because it gives you some important insight. It is great in combination with the timer function, as it allows you to save more energy and money. For example, if you see that your air quality is great (as indicated by the blue light), you can set a shorter timer. In contrast, if the sensor displays bad air quality – it is time to kick up that fan speed and leave the air purifier working for a longer period of time.

Adjustable control panel via touch. Modern looking, sleek, and simple. You get a slightly above average amount of settings than you would get on similarly priced air purifiers. The fan speed has 3 different levels, you get timer function, sleep mode, and automatic mode. Together with the air quality sensor, you get enough customization options to play around with.

High CADR rating. CADR does not directly tell you how effective a device is at cleaning, it does tell you its cleaning abilities. Hokeki Air Purifier comes with a 220 CADR and the company states that this is enough for up to 330 square feet of cleaning space. I did a manual CADR calculation, in which we multiply the CADR rating by 1.55, to get recommended room coverage. In this case, we get 341 square feet, which matches the company’s claims. This is great news because many companies that make air purifiers tend to inflate this number quite a lot!


Can emit a faint paint smell. While I did not experience this ourselves, some users report the device emitting a paint-like smell. While I can not point out the exact cause, this usually comes due to the following reasons: ozone, dirty filters, activated carbon filters, and plastic molding. Hokeki air purifier emits no ozone and the paint-like smell can be felt at the very start, which eliminates dirty filters. So I believe that this issue stems from activated carbon filters, as plastic molding has a very specific electric smell to it.

Can be noisy on max settings. Hokeki air purifier emits 52 decibels (dB) of noise when the fan is at max speed. During the day this might not be that noticeable, but at night it could potentially be bothersome. Humans have trouble sleeping next to sounds that produce over 45 decibels (dB) of noise. You can always lower the fan speed but sacrifice some cleaning effectiveness in the process.

Pros & Cons

  • High tier HEPA filter
  • Smart features
  • Touch control panel
  • High CADR rating
  • Faint smell
  • Noisy on max fan speed

Hokeki Air Purifier review – conclusion

Hokeki air purifier is a very affordable, yet powerful air-cleaning device. While the filtration system is pretty basic, the added multi-care filter pushes its cleaning effectiveness a bit above the competition. Since this filter also enables capturing particles that are as small as 0.2 microns, it becomes relevant for anyone suffering from allergies or other respiratory issues. The adjustable control panel comes with enough settings to keep you occupied and offers some good customization options. Because of the high CADR rating, you can use the Hokeki air purifier in larger rooms of up to 333 square feet. Even at maximum room coverage, you can expect very efficient air cleaning. The air quality sensor is one of the best features of this device, as it really lets you adjust cleaning settings according to your current air quality. Long-term this translates to a very cost-efficient device.

There are not that many downsides to this device. Obviously, the filtration system is not top-tier, but it can stand on its own against similarly priced top competitors. While the max fan setting can be noisy, you can always get around that by lowering the fan speed. Yes, you sacrifice some effectiveness as a result, but not that much.

If you are looking for something portable, the Hokeki air purifier meets those criteria as well. While it is not as small as some of the competitors, it is still small (7.5 x 7.5 x 17.16 inches) and lights enough (8 pounds) to move around. It also comes with a carry handle for added mobility.

All in all, if you are looking for a great budget-friendly and at the same time effective air purifier, give Hokeki Air purifier a try. It is a great lower-to-mid-tier air purifier that will make a difference in your home.

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