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The Blueair company has been around for a long time and their newest product, the Blue Pure 411 is an interesting take on entry-level air purifiers.

with prices ranging from $100 all the way down below 50 dollars on average! Today we will take an extensive look at one such device: The blue Pure 411. We’ll see if it can compete against amazon’s bestseller Levoit LV H-132 air purifier.

The market of outright machines can cost up to $100 while cheaper ones like this one may not have all those bells and whistles but do offer clean filtered air at less than half price! We’ll be taking a look carefully through our Blue Pure 411 review today so you know if it’s worth buying before making your decision…
Air Processing Performance.

Blue Pure 411 Review

Our Blue Pure 411 Review Air purifier

Product Name

Blue Pure 411

Particle filter type



3 Lbs

Product Dimensions

8 x 8 x 16.7 inches


Washable Pre-filter, Particle Filter, and Carbon Filter

Room Size

161 sq. ft.

Air Movement

Fabric pre-filter > particle filter > carbon filter > up and out of top of unit

Number of fan speeds

3 - low, medium, high


5 Years Limited


Design & Usability



  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 8″D x 8″W x 3.94″H
  • Item Weight: ‎3.35 Pounds
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Wattage: 10

A single button on top operates in 3 different modes, which you can turn on/off the filter. In addition, you get a single LED light that lights up at the lowest fan speed and when you increase the fan speed.

It includes many features that are found on more expensive models, such as the ability to turn off control panel lights and a timer. It also has a handle for easy pickup, making it one of the lighter models in this size class.

However, it does not include smart functionality. but in this range, most of the air purifier’s weight is 5 to 10 lbs which is a bit heavy and also does not offer portability options. so this is the best you can get for the price range you are paying.

Particle Filter

Blue pure 411 particle filter

The particle filter on the 411 is able to remove up to 99% of particles 0.3 microns and larger as confirmed by the manufacturer, which would be great for removing pollen or dust from your home!

Gas Filter

The 411 has a single combination of particle and gas filters to effectively remove harmful particles from the air. The outside of this cylinder-shaped device is lined with an absorbent pad that helps prevent larger allergens like pollen or pet dander from getting trapped inside, while its inner surface contains activated carbon -the standard for industry excellence when it comes down filtration rates!

The best way to make sure that your air quality remains high is by using a filter. However, the problem with this is the frequent costs associated with replacing them both at once – which can be quite expensive for some people who aren’t always on budgets friendly enough towards these things!

So if you value gas filtration but do not have too much money available every month then opt out of getting just an ongoing replacement instead where it will happen less frequently but still keep up the highest standards of cleanliness within any given space or home.


The fabric pre-filter on the 411 wraps around the bottom of the unit. It’s one unique implementation we’ve seen come to market that many air purifiers at this price point simply don’t have a separate, dedicated Pre Filter instead their own filters also double up as ones too!

Blue Pure 411 Review

The filter of choice changes with each situation. In some instances, it’s the activated carbon filters that need replacing at higher costs while in others they can last longer than their counterparts made from graphite or paper pulp because larger particles don’t get stuck on them as easily before becoming saturated and therefore required less frequent cleaning efforts on behalf for being able to remove more dirt per hour using these types compared any other available options out there today

the blue pure 411 pre-filter run without replacement you can wash it or else vacuum it. here you save the filter replacement cost in comparison with other air purifiers in the market which have a similar price. although there is a bit of an increase in the cost because of the combination filter in 411.

The air purifier has an additional benefit in that you can choose the color of half your filters – there are a variety of packs available from manufacturers. In addition, it’s easy to install and affordable! The only downfall is its visible pre-filters which may be bothersome for some people but do serve their purpose well enough by catching large particles like hairs or fibers caught on these types of materials before they enter our lungs where disease resides.

The activated carbon filter in this system is designed to keep the more expensive particle filters from saturating as quickly as large particles, but it still has to be replaced when necessary. The cheaper composite material of these systems means that you will not see any decrease or increase based on how much dirt your machine picks up so there’s no need to worry about running out!

Blue Pure 411 Air Processing Performance & Air Movement

The Blue Pure 411, with its proprietary particle filter (non-HEPA) and 120 CFM of air processing power was able to lower concentrations in the room from 10,000 particles per cubic foot down to 1 thousand over 18 minutes – a very similar time as other units equipped by them which have higher outputs. The GermGuardian AC4825 achieved this same feat after 23 minutes while Honeywell HPA100 did so at 22 min.

After 11 minutes the 411 was able to achieve as low of a room concentration in this unit – 600 particles per cubic ft. This result is similar not only compared with other units consisting of HEPA that have been tested but also to those equipped by manufacturers themselves; such has happened before when evaluating HPA100s and AC4825s which both had outputs around 500+cubic feet at 40 minutes and 27 minutes, respectively.

All three of these units are able to filter 120 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The Blue Pure 411 is on average slightly louder than its competitors like the GermGuardian AC4825 and Honeywell HPA100 at this price point – with an output ranging from 140-110 CFM respectively, depending upon which model you choose. It’s worth noting that all need maximum fan speeds in order for them to operate effectively; but when pushed past their limits, be aware they become quite noisy!

Higher CFM units can be run on lower fan speeds to deliver the same size of range much more quietly. For example, Coway Mighty or Winix 5500 -2 will deliver about 100 – 120dB atheistic sound levels when running medium setting and still keep particles under control in a 150 sq ft room

A higher capacity cooling system means that you do not need to operate your unit near its maximum advertised power consumption so it’s less likely for someone else who may come across this page while searching online about various HVAC systems

The lower the speed of your fan, the less noise it makes. This is true for both higher CFM units and those with a lower output rating; if you want to keep concentration levels down while still getting decent airflow in rooms that size 150 sq ft or larger then Coway’s Mighty 250 comes highly recommended as an excellent all-around choice!

Noise Output

On max settings, the 411 measured 65 dB while running continuously; by comparison, an average noise level unit like our AC4825 was quieter at 61 dB. The HPA100 came out louder with its 68dB reading when set to the highest possible speeds

The average noise output of the 411 is lower than many other similar models when it’s at its loudest. We measured 65 dB from this air conditioner on max speed compared with 61 for AC4825 and 68dB on HPA100 which are much louder but still quieter than higher CFM units like Coway Mighty 250.”

we set the blue pure unit at the max speed and Winix 5500-2 unit at medium fan speed. the output was similar nearby 100CFM in this case the 411 was at 65.4 dB and the coway was at 48.9 dB.

The higher CFM unit is better if noise output matters to you.

At the lowest setting, this purifier generated a very quiet noise level, with only 17 decibels. 


The durability of this air purifier is great, especially for its price! The top part such as the control panel feels very high quality and I have no concerns about it breaking even if you put heavy items on top.

Some bad build about this purifier is at the bottom of the unit you won’t get any metal grille protection for the filter. another is that the pre-filter is made of fabric that pills like other fabric after a periodic wash.

The tall and top-heavy construction means that any gentle push will cause this unit to tip over. The fan motor, panel & light filters are all located at the peak of its height which also contributes significantly towards its center of gravity being so high up off ground level making it prone to crashing down when moved around by people who aren’t aware how much force they need put into moving such heavy furniture (or if there happen to be children playing).

However, despite these drawbacks, we must admit: among all others available today–in terms of not just design but functionality as well!–the LEDs used here really stand out.

Blue Pure 411 Energy Efficiency

With an efficiency rate of up to 99.9 percent, the Blue Pure 411 is one of the most efficient air purifiers we tested–and it’s also among those who consumed less energy than any other unit in its size class! This means that not only does this machine use very little power for such effective results but provides them at higher speeds too with lower noise levels when compared to competitors’ offerings while still having similar cleaning ability across all types/indoor environments

At maximum. result it drew just 9.7 watts of energy. in comparison, the AC4825, at an equal outcome drew 44.2 watts while the HPA100 drew 50.3 watts.

Higher CFM units draw much more power but their output is also much greater.

The 411’s CFM/watt ratio on its highest fan speed at 120 CFM is 12.46, which means it draws less power than other high-powered motors but delivers greater results in terms of airflow per minuscule turn of the blades! where the coway mighty unit output is near to 100 CFM on medium fan speed it draws around 8.1 watts of power for a 13.12 CFM/watt ratio.

This makes for efficient energy use and happier technicians alike because you don’t have to keep running back up there every 5 minutes just so he can change something out while working himself silly down below putting forth maximum effort all day long without even taking a break.

Blue Pure 411 Price

The Blue Pure 411 is normally priced around $100 but can sometimes retail for upwards of 120. The AC4825 usually retails at 80 dollars while HPA 100 will set you back just over 100 bucks –

so know this before purchasing one because it means everything else being equal (like efficiency) they’ll cost less when compared side by Side Over Time In Terms Of Power Costs!.

blue pure 411 pre-filters are easily vacuumed and washable. The HPA100 uses a combination of carbon filters and pre-filters to remove large particles from the air.

The AC4825 has its own set of replacement parts, but you can just vacuum or wash out your current one if it gets dirty because these are easily interchangeable with each other! the gas filter saturates faster than the particle filter, so you have to regularly replace the 411 entire filters.

you don’t get any smart functions such as no remote controller and no timer setting.

Is it worth the value or not? -The 411 is an average value for the price, with some better and worse qualities. It has a washable pre-filter but it lacks the feature of a particle/gas combination filter. yes it is better in energy sufficiency

The best value for an air purifier is the Winix 5500-2 model. For $50 more, in the Winix 5500-2 unit, you can get a much greater airflow and greatly improves particle filters and gas filters, the same energy sufficiency, and low noise output, which means you get double value.

A lot of people might think that paying upfront costs means getting better products but this isn’t always true; in some cases, there could even be lower performance or durability due to cheaper materials used over time which would eventually lead them down the path towards failure before their warranty expires (which brings me onto my next point).

User experience

Amazon Rating = 4.6 out of 5

This filter is a great replacement for medical-grade room filters! I’ve found it to be just as effective and far more economical, with one exception: The light at top of this unit cannot be turned off.

However, you can avoid distractions by placing something over top like an old felt pad (not affixing anything because then they’ll make your power switch ineffective). This would solve any nighttime bedtime problems from being too bright in rooms where people sleep alone or having dark walls that block out all light sources.

The air you breathe can make a big difference in your health. These units run them 24/7 with no issues, they really do clean the entire room and change out their gray stretch filter regularly!

The operation of it’s easy to use and the way that you can change between low, medium, or high levels depending on your needs at any given time make this product great! With three different speeds available there will always be something suitable no matter what moment in time I might find myself within its range; whether coming home after work before dinner starts winding down with friends who want some conversation but not too much noise (perfect if they’re listening through music) -or-just need silence so as soon.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Impressive performance under $100
  • Silent on First Two Speeds
  • Stylish
  • Easy to Clean and Washable Pre-filter
  • 360 Degree Air Intake
  • Low Energy Consumption (Energy Star Certified)
  • Great Performance
  • Additional Pre-filters in Different Colors
  • Pre-filter is a fabric that covers the primary filter. If you touch it, you can feel the ribs of the primary filter. That makes it less sturdy.
  • No True HEPA Filter
  • The Lights Do Not Dim as They Should
  • No smart features


The 411 has an initial low price, but it must be set to a very loud setting in order for the device’s effect on air quality and indoor symptoms (such as allergies) to improve even smaller rooms. Furthermore, this unit does not come equipped with HEPA filters.

This small but powerful air purifier will do its job in any room of your house. It’s simple to use and highly recommended for those who don’t need fancy options – you can even take it on the go!

The design is sleek, which makes this one easy-to-own appliance among many others in today’s already overly complicated world. You’ll love how quickly it cleans up the small rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens.

overall we cannot recommend this model instead of this go for the Winix 5500-2 air purifier.

Does Blue Pure 411 have HEPA filter?

Does Blue Pure 411 have HEPA filter? Yes, Blue pure 411 has a HEPA filter. But it does not use a True HEPA filter. So the purification is less when compared to a true HEPA filter.

Does Blueair blue pure 411 produce ozone?

Does Blueair blue pure 411 produce ozone? No Blueair Blue pure 411 does not produce ozone. All the Blueair air purifiers are CARB certified, so you don’t need to worry about harmful ozone


1. What makes the Blue Pure 411 stand out from other air purifiers?

The Blue Pure 411 stands out due to its proprietary particle filter (non-HEPA) and 120 CFM of air processing power. It can reduce the concentration of particles in the room from 10,000 particles per cubic foot down to 1 thousand in just 18 minutes.

2. How does the Blue Pure 411’s performance compare to other brands like GermGuardian and Honeywell?

In comparison tests, the Blue Pure 411 lowered particle concentrations in the room faster than the GermGuardian AC4825 and the Honeywell HPA100. The GermGuardian AC4825 and Honeywell HPA100 achieved the same result after 23 minutes and 22 minutes, respectively.

3. How quickly can the Blue Pure 411 reduce room particle concentration to 600 particles per cubic foot?

The Blue Pure 411 can reduce room particle concentration to 600 particles per cubic foot in just 11 minutes. This is comparable to other units with HEPA filters, including the HPA100 and AC4825.

4. How does the Blue Pure 411 compare to other units in terms of output?

The Blue Pure 411 achieves a similar result to the HPA100s and AC4825s, both of which have outputs around 500+ cubic feet at 40 minutes and 27 minutes, respectively.

5. Is the Blue Pure 411 suitable for larger rooms?

The Blue Pure 411, with its air processing power of 120 CFM, is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. For larger rooms, you might consider units with higher CFM ratings.

6. Does the Blue Pure 411 use a HEPA filter?

No, the Blue Pure 411 uses a proprietary particle filter, not a HEPA filter. However, it has shown comparable performance to units that do utilize HEPA filters.

7. How frequently should I replace the filter in my Blue Pure 411?

The frequency of filter replacements can vary depending on usage and air quality, but generally, it’s recommended to replace the filter every 6 months for optimal performance.

8. Is the Blue Pure 411 energy efficient?

Yes, the Blue Pure 411 is designed to be energy efficient, making it an eco-friendly choice for improving your indoor air quality.

9. How loud is the Blue Pure 411 during operation?

The Blue Pure 411 is known for its quiet operation, making it ideal for bedrooms or offices where noise might be a concern.

10. Where can I purchase the Blue Pure 411?

The Blue Pure 411 can be purchased through various online retailers, as well as select home improvement stores. Please check availability with your local retailers.

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