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Blueair blue pure 121 is the perfect air purifier for those who want to keep it simple. Produced by Blueair, a leader in air quality care, this model ensures cleanliness no matter what size room you have – small or large! With an optimal output of 620 sq ft., your space will be left refreshed and revitalized with Crystal Clear Air Quality.

Step into the Blueair family, where 20 years of dedication to air purification has made them a trusted name worldwide. Join more than 10,000 customers from over 60 countries and take your pick with their easy-going flagship model–the Blue Pure 121. Go ahead and check it out — you’ll be breathing in nothing but pure bliss!

Blueair 121 Specifications

Manufacturer Blueair
Model Blue Pure 121
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 28.2 inches
FiltersPre-filter, Particle Filter and Carbon Filter
Coverage620 sq. ft.
Power Consumption12W

Blue Pure 121 Features

Blueair Blue Pure 121

Quiet Whisper

Utilizing the latest filters, you can now enjoy a higher airflow with less noise for an incredibly silent operation.

Energy Star Rated

Energy Star is the gold standard in energy efficiency, providing top-tier performance every time.

For Large Rooms

Filters airborne particles at a rate of up to 5 times per hour within 620 square foot spaces, making it ideal for open-plan living areas, studios or even basements.

The Blueair 121 is a feature-rich air purifier, but the most remarkable attribute it offers is its outstanding filtration system. The strong filter in the Blue Pure 121 can effectively eliminate any particles that linger in your space and make sure you only breathe clean and healthy air.


The sizable Blueair 121 air purifier looks like a recycle bin, yet you can customize its appearance with any fabric color of your choosing. With just one button to control it, turning it on and selecting the desired speed is easier than ever! The customized look enables this essential piece of equipment to seamlessly blend into the décor of your room.

3 Level Filtration

Pre-filtration is the inaugural stage of filtration and consists of fabric, capable of eliminating all large particles. Fortunately, since it’s made from fabric only, you can conveniently clean Pre-filter through your washing machine!

The second stage of filtration is the particle filter, which has the potential to eliminate up to 99% of airborne particles at PM2.5 size; however, it should be noted that this air purifier does not have a True HEPA filter and therefore may not provide as effective performance in comparison with true HEPA filters.

The last step of filtration, the carbon filter, is robust and will thoroughly eradicate any unpleasant smells in your living space. Whether it’s smoke, VOCs, or cooking aromas – Blue Pure 121 and its formidable carbon filter have you covered!

Silent Work

Sleep soundly with the Blueair 121 air purifier in your bedroom. It has advanced filters that allow a high airflow, making it possible to operate at low speed, resulting in significantly reduced noise levels and an optimal environment for peaceful slumbers.

Large Room Cover

Ready to breathe easier? Consider the impressive Blueair 121 air purifier – an energy star-certified dynamo designed with a special 360° system that draws in air from all angles. Three fan speeds allow it to filter even large rooms rapidly and without running up your electric bill, while it’s 24/7 running power offers sweet relief 365 days a year!

CADR and AHAM Ratings

The Blue Pure 121 from AHAM has an impressive CADR rating of 400, allowing it to swiftly and efficiently clean air in big spaces. This is no small feat – its results are proven time and again!

Replacement Filter

Blueair Blue Pure 121

Replacement filters are an unavoidable part of air purifier ownership, but Blueair has you covered! With their genuine replacement parts designed specifically for your model, filthy indoor air can be a thing of the past. And forget about filter replacement sensors—simply keep track manually and replace them every 6 months for maximum performance.

Of course, if you’re not using your unit frequently enough to make this necessary then feel free to stretch it out longer – that’s why we’re here!

Unfortunately, the filters are not inexpensive. But this is to be expected with such a large air purifier and its oversized filters. The carbon filter alone is massive – which allows for an almost immediate reduction of unwanted smells!

Replacing your filter couldn’t be easier! No assistance is required – all you have to do is take out the old filter and place it in a new one. Once that’s done, simply press a button and it’ll start working right away! It’s an effortless process that will give you peace of mind knowing your air has been refreshed with clean fresh filters.

Blue Air 121 Price

If you’re looking for clean air that won’t break the bank, Blue Air 121 might not be your best bet. Though it features an impressive array of filters all-around its body, this size comes at a cost—literally!

The larger surface area means bigger and more expensive replacement parts come along with using this device; however, if you can afford the initial price tag then cleaner breathable is yours to enjoy.

Pros And Cons

  • Powerful performance
  • sleek and customizable design
  • high CADR rating
  • AHAM approval
  • silent operation
  • made of high-quality materials.
  • Higher price tag
  • no HEPA filter.
  • filters have a lifespan of only six months.


The Blueair 121 air purifier is the perfect fit for those who want to create a large, clean space. Despite its lack of a True HEPA filter, it still manages to capture unwanted airborne particles – providing relief from minor allergy issues and keeping bad odors at bay!

If your allergens are particularly severe though, consider investing in one of their Classic series with True HEPA filters for maximum efficiency. Whichever option you choose, however; both models can provide quality breathability that will suit any household’s needs.

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