Can You Open Windows With An Air Purifier

Open Windows With An Air Purifier

Today having an air purifier has become the most important thing for residential property owners. You will also find that the commercial ones are also not leaving any stone unturned to provide a safe and healthy working environment to their workers.

Most of them are also purchasing branded and good-quality air purifiers and installing them in the working space for the health and safety of the employees. But if you think that just having an air purifier is enough to provide a safe and healthy environment either in the home or commercial space, then that is not so.

Open Windows With An Air Purifier

To get the best possible results, it is essential to know how to use the air purifier. It is not just an air cleaning appliance that will run on its own for a long time. To better function and increase its performance, the users need to know and understand how the air purifier is used.

Since most of them don’t know how to use the air purifier for better functioning, they decrease their lives. Though different people have different opinions, you should not listen to those who exactly don’t have the right idea about all these things. 

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Essential Things That You Must Know And Understand 

If you are also in any doubt and want to know whether you can use the air cleaning equipment with the window open, you will get your answer. 

  • Having an air purifier keeps the living and working environment fresh and healthy. This can only be possible if there are no harmful bacteria and pollutants inside the room. So if you will look from this point of view, then using the air purifier by closing the windows is the best thing you can do. 
  • The effect is harmful if you use the air purifier with windows open. A simple reason is that the air cleaning appliance will find it hard to clean the dirt, dust, mold, and harmful bacteria that will keep entering the room every time the windows are open. It will also have a detrimental effect or hard impact on its motor, resulting in the low performance of the air cleaner appliance. So it is better to keep the windows closed when the air purifier is switched on.
  • Since modern air purifiers use electrostatic dust collection technology, they can produce negative ion clusters and ozone during high-pressure conditions. Hence keeping the windows open for some time is what the professionals also suggest.
  • It is recommended that you must open the windows when the air purifier is not in use. Proper flow of air and circulation is significant for a better living environment. You must also not use the air purifier for long hours with windows closed as it might harm your health.
  • For better performance and longevity of the air purifier, you must clean and maintain it properly. You must always read the manual and follow the instructions carefully to understand how and when to use the air purifier without facing any issues. 


The air purifier works more efficiently when the windows are closed, and it also doesn’t consume that much electricity. So if you want to have good air quality and provide a pleasant atmosphere both in your commercial place and in the residential one, then using the air cleaning appliance with windows closed is the best thing you can do.

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