Do Ozone Generators Wear Out? best Tips To Extend The Lifespan.

do ozone generators wear out

If you own or have considered getting an ozone generator, then chances are that one of the top questions on your mind is how long you can expect it to work – are they permanent or do ozone generators wear actually out? After all, you want to invest your time and money into a machine that will last you at least a reasonable amount of time.

So, do ozone generators wear out? Yes, most ozone generators wear out in the first 3-5 years, which is also their average lifespan. While the main reason behind wearing out is just deterioration due to normal usage, there can be other reasons for an ozone generator not working, such as a cord issue or improper valve installation. When an ozone generator wears out, you have to replace the whole device or “recharge it”.

Do Ozone Generators Wear Out

Now let us look more closely at some of the reasons why ozone generators tend to wear out over the course of a few years.

Regular wear and tear

This is the main reason why ozone generators wear out. Wear and tear is a normal occurrence for every machine and ozone generators are no exception here. As you start using an ozone generator, certain parts of it will start to deteriorate and lose effectiveness. As a rough estimate, an average ozone generator will last about 3 years with normal wear and tear. The two main factors here are the type of ozone generator and how long you keep it turned on (filtration time).

There are a couple of different ozone generators that you can find on the market. The difference between them is in the way they produce ozone.  The 4 types of ozone generators are UV (ultraviolet), corona discharge, cold plasma, and electrolytic ozone generators. Each one of these has a different filtration time, meaning how long it takes them to purify a room. Different ozone generator models have different lifespans. If you run an ozone generator daily for about 6 hours you can expect the following average lifespan:

  • Uv (ultraviolet) ozone generators will last you about 2-3 years.
  • Corona discharge ozone generators will last you around half a year.
  • Electrolytic ozone generators will last you 4+ years.

While these numbers seem relatively low, especially the corona discharge type, keep in mind that those are lifespans if you run the device for 6 hours – daily. This number is based on spa ozone generators which, as the name would suggest, are for spa/hot tub/pool owners. Now most beginners or normal homeowners have no need to use an ozone generator for that long and that often. Consequently, the less you use it the longer you will extend that lifespan. If you do not use a corona discharge daily, but maybe once or twice a week, then it will probably last you for a good 3-year period, at least.

Power supply

This one probably comes as a no-brainer, but I wanted to include it regardless. If your ozone generator stops working, it is not necessarily because of the device itself – sometimes there can be a cable issue. It is possible that there is incorrect power being driven to the unit, or even no power at all.

You can check this with just a normal voltage meter and see if the power supply to the ozone generator is working as intended. If there is no issue with the power supply, then the problem lies either within the cord, or the device itself.

If the issue is not the power supply but rather something inside of the device such as a circuit board problem, then always remember to unplug your negative ion generator before you open it up to investigate! It is always recommended to take the device to a professional repairman if you suspect it to be faulty or not working correctly.

How do I know my ozone generator works?

So far we have determined if ozone generators wear out (which they do) and the two most common reasons behind that. But sometimes all of the signs that an ozone generator is working could be there, yet you are not completely sure if it really does. Or the opposite might be true and you are sure that your unit is not working, despite all LED lights and buttons telling you that it is. Before you immediately go throwing away or replacing your ozone generator, realize that there are methods to test if they do work. The two best ways of knowing if your ozone generator works are through odor and through ozone test strips for air.

Testing if an ozone generator works through odor is very simple and straightforward. Ozone has a very distinct smell (odor) to it, which the human nose can detect very easily. The two most common words that people use to describe it are “chlorine” and “burning wire”. If you can sense a strong smell after you use the Ozonator device, it means that it works as it should. As your ozone generator gets older, you will most likely notice that the ozone smell is not as intense. If that happens, then it is probably nearing the end of its lifespan.

The other, more reliable way of knowing if an ozone generator works are ozone air test strips. These are basically small strips of paper that you place into a room and they show you the ambient levels of ozone in the air. These strips are easy to use and quickly react with ozone, usually within minutes, by changing color. Once the test is done, you just compare the color of the stip with the scale on the package.

Test kit for ozone air strips

Extending the lifespan

Since ozone generators wear out over time, the next logical question is can you extend the lifespan of ozone generators? In short, yes. With proper maintenance you can minimize the natural wear and tear, extending the total lifespan of the device. 

While some aspects are out of your control, some are not. The maintenance process varies a bit from model to model, so you should check the instruction that came with your specific device. But in general, it is good to open up your home ozone generator every 3-6 months, clean the ceramic plates inside, and check if the fuse or filters need to be changed. Here is a video for easier visualization of the process.

Again, the video above is for a specific ozone generator mode, but it will give you an idea of what to look for.

Maintenance depends on how often you use the ozone generator, and the humidity levels. The longer and more often you use ozone generators, the sooner you will have to do maintenance. If your room humidity is high, then you can expect a lower overall lifespan of the device. This is because high humidity slows ozone production and damages the corona plates. UV ozone generators are not affected by higher humidity levels.

Do Ozone Generators Wear Out – Conclusion

As you have learned, ozone generators wear out over time. This happens naturally over time due to wear and tear, and sometimes there are power supply issues. Different models have different lifespans, but the average is between 1-5 years. The two biggest variables are usage and maintenance. Daily usage for multiple hours will wear down an ozone generator faster than occasional use. Regular maintenance helps slow down wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the device.

The most common type of commercial ozone generator for homes is the one with corona discharge. You have to be especially careful if you plan to use these in your basement or any room with high humidity. Since high humidity interferes with ozone production and damages some parts, combining a dehumidifier with an ozone generator makes sense.

You do not need to use commercial ozone generators daily for hours to get good results. If you are just starting out then go with a more structured approach. Use the device every 3-7 days, take note of the effects, and increase the frequency accordingly. By doing this you will also reduce overall wear and tear, directly extending the lifespan of your ozone generator.

In my other post, I have suggested a few ozone generators that I believe to be of good value for an affordable price. So if you are in the market for an ozone generator, feel free to check out my best ozone generators to get in the 2020 list. 

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How long do ozone generators last?

3-6 hours
The time it runs will depend on how many rooms you want to clean. For instance, it might run for 3-6 hours on average; however, this can vary depending on your needs.”

When should I replace my ozone generator?

It’s possible your Ozonator may need to be replaced. We recommend replacing it every 3-5 years.

Will ozone generator damage electronics?

Once ozone is gone, it won’t do anything bad to you. It causes no harm to your electronics and textiles, paintings, wooden or leather surfaces, artefacts etc. It also doesn’t affect rubber parts or chrome surfaces etc.

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